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PeepSo Activity Social Share

PeepSo Activity Social Share plugin allows users to share activity post updates to their social networking profiles.

This plugin adds the option ‘Share’ to PeepSo Activity. It will also provide the option to share group activities too (needed core PeepSo group add-on).

Current version: v1.2.0

Tested Up To: PeepSo v3.0.1

Updated: 22nd Oct 2020

When the user clicks on the ‘Share’ button, there will be a toggle display with all enabled services and eventually redirects to the respective service when the user clicks on a social media service.


  • Default social media services include Fb, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp.
  • Share PeepSo sitewide and Group (needed core PeepSo Group add-on) activities to a social media platform.
  • If the users want to add more social networks, they can do so through the drop-down menu from the plugin’s setting.
  • Font Awesome is available by default. Just mention the ‘Font Awesome icon class’ in the input box and the font will be ready to use.
  • Active Support team


Video Preview

Adds Social Share Options

Adds various social share options to PeepSo Activity

Support Font Awesome

Add vector icons and social logos on your PeepSo site

Easy To Use

Installation is very simple and fast, just install and activate the plugin.


Is this plugin requires another plugin?

Yes, this plugin requires PeepSo plugin.

How to add social service?

In plugin general setting tab, you can see settings Add Social Services. Here you can add new service.

How To remove Social Services from front end Share option?

Yes, this plugin requires PeepSo plugin.In plugin general seetings tab, you can see all services listing. Here you can remove service.

I have a question?

No problem. Please get in touch with us via our contact page.

What if I need more features?

You can hire our team to assist you.

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