BuddyPress Profile Pro

One of the heavily requested features by BuddyPress community was the ability to add Repeater Fields or groups of fields dynamically to front-end forms, without having a predefined number.

Current version: v1.7.1
Tested Up To: BuddyPress v6.2.0

Update: 3rd Sep 2020

BuddyPress Profile Pro gives you the power to extend BuddyPress Profiles with repeater fields and groups. You can easily add multiple field groups and display them at member’s profile. These groups can be repeater groups like Education, Work history and lots more.

You can also have repeater fields like multiple phone number, multiple website urls, skills sets with multiple values.

Features of BuddyPress Profile Pro

  • Allows members to add repeater fields and groups simply as BuddyPress Fields Groups and Fields
  • Site admin have simple options to create Field groups as regular or repeater.
  • Have inbuilt options to pick any fields as repeater fields.
  • Each fields have their dynamic id and class which help developer to style them easily.
  • Advance Developer docs with all available hooks and filter.
  • Allow users to change profile field visibility status
  • Support for Google Autocomplete for Field data.


Video Preview

Extended Profile

Enter a list of keywords & set the filter options to protect your community from unwanted content.

Repeater Field

Users can insert similar information such as: add multiple phone numbers, images or other types of details.

Simple Options

Admin can create multiple regular or repeater groups easily along with the fields for each group.


What’s difference between single & developer license?

Talking in terms of functionality, both versions offer the same features. It’s about usage policy.
Single license allows you to use plugin or theme at a single domain and developer license allows you to use plugin or theme at multiple domains. Support will be limited to buyers only.

Does this plugin require any other plugin?

Yes, this plugin require BuddyPress to be installed and activated.

Can I add similar information with repeater fields?

Yes, this plugin allows you to add repeater field for any group field.

I have a question?

No problem. Please get in touch with us via our contact page.

What if I need more features?

You can hire our team to assist you.

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