Woo Product Inquiry & Quote

If any user wishes to buy a product whose price has been quoted, then on the product single page, there’ll be an inquiry form that will allow the user to send his/her inquiry for the product. The product author will receive a mail for the inquiry and will contact the customer accordingly.

Current version: v1.3.3

Packed with Features

Hide Price

Using this Plugin admin can hide the prices of selective or all products

Adds Enquiry Form

An Enquiry Form will get added on the single product description page.

Send Email

User who wishes to buy a product whose price has been quoted, they can send an email.

Apply Quote Mode

Two types of Quote Modes are available. Apply quote mode either on selected or all products.

Quote products

Admin can set the Quote Mode of the product to be applied to only specific user roles.

Quotation Form

Customers can submit details to vendor using a Quotation form and can receive a copy of the same.

Woo Product Inquiry & Quote Features

Feature for vendors to hide product price

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, It needs you to have WooCommerce installed and activated.

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