BuddyPress User Todo List

BuddyPress User Todo List

BuddyPress User Todo List

The BuddyPress Todo List plugin allows BuddyPress members to add tasks to their to-do list and will enable them to ‘edit,’ ‘delete,’ and ‘mark-complete’ their mission. In addition, members can create a category for to-do and add to-do accordingly.

Current version: v3.1.1

Tested up to BuddyPress 9.1.1

Updated: 09thJan 2023


It also has a due date reminder feature that reminds the user of their due date and sends an email and BuddyPress notification to the user. And the user can export all to-do tasks in a CSV format. You can list all To-do on any page using a shortcode.

You can list all To-do on any page using a shortcode. Go to the admin dashboard Todo Items-> Settings-> Page and click Shortcode tab and copy [bptodo_by_category category=”CATEGORY_ID”] shortcode and paste it on customers page or template. You need to provide the category Id of which the To-dos you want to show.

BuddyPress User Todo List Features

  • Add custom Profile Menu Label for to-do.
  • Allow or Disallow users to add to-do categories.
  • Enable or disable Send email option for users whose to-do date has arrived.
  • Enable or disable BP Notification whose to-do date has arrived.
  • Options for Task Edit, Task Delete, and Task Mark as Complete from the front end.
  • Use a shortcode [bptodo_by_category category=”CATEGORY_ID”] to display To-do.

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BuddyPress User Todo List


Easy-to-Use Backend Setting

  • Customize the label of to do
  • Admin Can allow users to add new categories
  • Admin can enable BuddyPress notifications
  • Admin can also enable the e-mail feature


  • Members can create a to-do
  • They can edit, delete, and mark complete the to-do.
  • Help members to remember things with notification and email features.
  • Members can create to-dos based on the category.
BuddyPress User Todo List
BuddyPress User Todo List

BuddyPress ToDo List with Group Task

  • Adding the task to the group
  • Tasks will be added to group member’s to-do lists
  • Members can mark to-dos assigned to them from the group mark complete from the profile to-do tab.

Packed with Features

With everything you need to show product waiting times, look no further than BuddyPress User Todo List

Task Edit

Allows members to edit their to-do.

Task Delete

Allows members to delete their to-do.

Task Completed

Allows members to mark their to-dos as completed.


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