BuddyPress User Todo List

BuddyPress User Todo List

The BuddyPress Todo List plugin allows BuddyPress members to add tasks to their to-do list and will enable them to ‘edit,’ ‘delete,’ and ‘mark-complete’ their mission. In addition, members can create a category for to-do and add to-do accordingly.

It also has a due date reminder feature that reminds the user of their due date and sends an email and BuddyPress notification to the user. And the user can export all to-do tasks in a CSV format. You can list all To-do on any page using a shortcode.

You can list all To-do on any page using a shortcode. Go to the admin dashboard Todo Items-> Settings-> Page and click Shortcode tab and copy [bptodo_by_category category=”CATEGORY_ID”] shortcode and paste it on customers page or template. You need to provide the category Id of which the To-dos you want to show.

Current version: v3.2.0

Packed with Features

With everything you need to show product waiting times, look no further than BuddyPress User Todo List

Task Edit

Allows members to edit their to-do.

Task Delete

Allows members to delete their to-do.

Task Completed

Allows members to mark their to-dos as completed.

BuddyPress User Todo List Features

Easy to Use Backend Setting

Post Reviews Base upon Multiple Criteria

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in order to work, BuddyPress User-to do list requires BuddyPress plugin pre-installed and activated.
Yes, this plugin allows you to add a reminder feature which reminds user that their due date has arrived. It also sends an email or BP notification as a reminder.
This plugin provides a shortcode [bptodo_by_category category=”CATEGORY_ID”] that you can use to list to-do on any page.
Yes, this plugin allows you to edit task, delete task or mark it complete once done.
Yes this plugin lets an admin to enable or disable the feature of adding categories by the user.
Yes, a user can export all to-do tasks in a CSV format.

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