BuddyPress Profanity

Current version: v1.3.0
Tested up to BuddyPress 4.3.0

Use BuddyPress Profanity plugin to censor content in your community! Easily Censor all the unwanted words in activities, private messages contents by specifying a list of keywords to be filtered.
Flexible options include advanced control over content such as strict/non-strict filtering. Flagged keywords which are embedded in whole words can be ignored.

e.g. ‘Profanity’ will be ignored if you have ‘fan’ as a flagged keyword. Otherwise, with strict filtering OFF, it will appear as ‘Pro***ity’.

Front End Censoring

Once you have entered a list of keywords, and have the filter options set to your requirements, your community will be protected from unwanted content.

Clean out activities

Filter out bad words from your community, it will censor them in real time.

Clean Private Messages

Keep your community private messages clean.

Features of BuddyPress Profanity

  • You can add your own list of bad words.
  • Options to enable content filter for Activities, Activity comments & BuddyPress Private messages.
  • Options for admin to choose which type of word rendering he want to activate for site.
  • You have choice which type of filter charcter you want to use to hide bad words.
  • Site admin have choice to enable/disable case sensitive filter.
  • Options for Strict filters to filter characters within the words.

BuddyPress Profanity Settings

Live in action

buddypress profanity screenshot

Single vs Developer Licence

With functionality both versions have the same features, it’s about usages policy.
Single license allows you to use plugin or theme at a single domain and developer license allow you to use plugin or theme at multiple domains. Support will be limited to buyers only.