BuddyPress WooCommerce Integration

BuddyPress WooCommerce Integration

BuddyPress WooCommerce Integration Integrate your WooCommerce store with your BuddyPress community to provide a smooth customer experience and increase site engagement.
BuddyWoo Integration Plugin will help to integrate WooCommerce with Buddypress. You can sell your physical or digital products using WooCommerce on your social community website. This plugin allows you to manage your order directly from your profile page. It will create Woo-Commerce tabs on the user’s profile page. Admin will have the option to enable/disable the WooCommerce tabs as per your choice to show on the profile page.
Current version: v1.3.1
BuddyPress v10.4.0 WooCommerce v6.8.0 Update: 28th August 2022

Packed with Features

If you want to shows the most recent profile visitors on a user profile Use Whi Viewed My Proile plugin.

Easy setup

You don’t need to do a lengthy plugin setup in order to use it.

Order tracking

Track your order directly from the BuddyPress Profile

BuddyBoss Friendly

Works well with BuddyBoss Platform.

Easy to Use

Community Engagement

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this plugin requires the BuddyPress plugin as it will only work when BuddyPress is installed and activated.

Yes buddyPress Woocommerce Integration works perfectly with buddyBoss Platform.

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