BuddyPress Sticky Post

As its name suggests, BuddyPress Sticky Post lets admin pin-up site-wide and groups activities to the top of BuddyPress activity list. Admin pin any number of activities to the top of a activity and groups page, helping him surface important activities at a glance.

Current version: v2.1.0

Tested Up To:
BuddyPress v12.3.0
Update: 23th Feb 2023

Packed with Features

Letting your members know about any important updates around the community with BuddyPress Sticky Post

Pin Multiple Activities

Number of activities can be pinned on Activity page or on group page

Don't miss the important updates

BuddyPress sticky post helps to pin an ongoing note or an important piece of information with your members.

Sitewide Pins by Admins

Administrators can pin posts sitewide, making them visible to every visitor, regardless of their login status. This feature supports multiple pins, ensuring critical information stays at the top of the activity feed.

Group-Level Pins

Group administrators can now highlight essential announcements by pinning posts within group feeds. These pins are accessible to all members who can view the group’s activity page, ensuring vital information is never missed.

Personal Pins from User Profiles

Users can pin posts directly from their profiles, making them visible to anyone accessing the user’s feed. This feature extends to both logged-in and logged-out visitors, enhancing personal expression and visibility within the community.

Role-Specific Pinning Permissions

With our added filter, you can now define which roles have the authority to pin posts at the sitewide activity feed. This ensures a controlled environment where only designated roles can highlight content, maintaining the integrity of your community’s communication.

Key Features of the plugin

This will make it easier for the site administrator to make the pinned activity item recognized first by the community whenever they visit the site.

Increase The Community Engagement

Ensure your community members not to miss the important updates. The timeline is a reverse chronological feed, so older activities can risk getting buried quickly.

Simple Pricing

We are here to help! We include extensive documentation to set up every aspect of our products, but if you need further assistance we’ll be right there with you on our fully monitored Support!

Single License

Perfect for new portals just starting out


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Developer License

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Single License

Perfect for new portals just starting out


5 License

Perfect for new portals just starting out


Developer License

Perfect for new portals just starting out


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Frequently Asked Questions

 BuddyPress Sticky Post requires BuddyPress to be installed and activated on your site. It is also fully compatible with BuddyBoss Platform Plugin and BuddyBoss theme as well.

Your plugin purchase comes backed by our service. We work hard to continually add new features, important security updates, and provide customer support.

When you buy BuddyPress Sticky Post, you can choose whether to purchase an annual or lifetime license:
  • The annual subscription ensures we can continue improving the plugin and supporting you long-term. You’ll be charged automatically once a year, and we’ll remind you before this happens. You can, of course, cancel any time. If your license expires, you can keep using the plugin but won’t receive any more support or updates.
  • The lifetime license will be valid forever and will never expire or need renewing.
This gives you a choice of whether to pay a smaller amount each year or make a one-off payment for life. Our service and commitment to you are the same either way.

Talking in terms of functionality, both versions offer the same features. It’s about usage policy.

  • Single license allows you to use plugin or theme at a single domain and developer license allows you to use plugin or theme at multiple domains. Support will be limited to buyers only.

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