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BuddyPress Check-ins

This plugin allows BuddyPress members to share their location when posting activities, and they can effortlessly add nearby areas and places visited through the use of the Google Place API. Members can also check-in to different locations when updating their posts, similar to the functionality found on other social media platforms.

Current version: v2.1.1

Packed with Features

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Adds Check-ins Option

Allows Buddypress members to check-in when doing post update.


Google Place API Key

You can create your key from Google Place Web Service Documentation link.

Check-ins Settings

You can add a location for your choice. Start typing location name, and it will suggest based on your input

Easy to Use Backend Setting

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this plugin required BuddyPress plugin to be activated on your site in order to work.

Yes, it requires the current location which can be allowed from browser settings.

Yes, this plugin required Google API which you can get here.
You can allow check-ins in two ways, that is by Location Autocomplete and Place type.
Yes, this plugin offers settings to set range in Kms for fetching places when you allow check-in via Place Type.
Check-ins filter option is provided in BuddyPress filter drop-down option to list all check-ins activity.

Still have questions?

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