BuddyPress Check-ins

BuddyPress Check-ins plugin allows BuddyPress members to Check-ins when doing post update. Just like other social sites, you can add places where you visited.

BuddyPress Check-ins plugin also allows to select place type for your members, like if you are foodies, you can select food-related place type and your members will be able to post food-related places on your website activity stream.

Once the BuddyPress Check-ins plugin has been successfully configured, a “Check-ins Icon” will appear alongside the input form for activity updates. Whenever the user will click on this icon, the BuddyPress Check-ins plugin will be able to show all the places for your IP Address that are available for a check-in.


  • Check-ins with Place type or Location Autocomplete.
  • Auto Complete feature: You can add a location for your choice. Start typing location name and it will suggest based on your input and you can select it.
  • Set range for fetching the places while Check-ins with Place type.
  • Place Type Feature: You can restrict your members to add locations based on nature of your website, like a religious website can allow adding Church, Templates etc. Foodies websites can restrict check-ins for bars, pub and restaurant only.

Adds Check-ins

Buddypress members to checkin when doing post update.

Google Place API key
Check-ins Settings

This Plugin allows to select place type or Location Autocomplete for your members. If you select place type then you can set rang for fetching the places while Check-ins.