BuddyPress Newsfeed

BuddyPress Newsfeed

Create A Customized Newsfeed Experience Just Like Facebook

By default, BuddyPress offers separate type of activities for your BuddyPress Activity Stream. This makes all the activities happening in your community to be shown under different respective activity options.

Current Version: v1.5.3
Tested up to BuddyPress v9.1.1

Updated: 10thOct 2021

The BuddyPress Newsfeed plugin converts all separate activity streams and rebuilds it just like Facebook Newsfeed. This plugin shows all the activities whether it is members, groups, friends and favourites in one place and makes your Activity Stream free from extra activities.

Features of BuddyPress Newsfeed

  • Combining and providing an aggregated page to the members where they can see all the activities of other members.
  • You will get a choice to select which type of activity should be displayed in your newsfeed. Just checkmark the ones you need from the backend options.
  • You can also segregate your activities from that of your friends by showing a separate tab called “Personal” for only your activities.

If you do not want to show certain unnecessary default activity on your newsfeed, you can combine this plugin with the free BuddyPress Activity Filter Plugin. This plugin allows you to set default and customized activity feed based on their types. Thus a combination of BuddyPress Newsfeed with BuddyPress Activity Filter will make your activity stream much more engaging and user-friendly.

Video Preview

BuddyPress Newsfeed


Easy to Use Backend Setting

  • Creates a new newsfeed tab on members profile
  • Admin can select the activity types to be merged into the news feed
  • Select the position of Newsfeed tab
  • Admin can enable/Disable activity post form at News Feed tab

Keep Your Community Protect

  • Merge all activity types into a single tab
  • Access your personal activities from a separate tab
  • Post activities from the Newsfeed tab directly
BuddyPress Newsfeed
BuddyPress Newsfeed

Easy Setup 

  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for Community Websites
  • Simply install the plugin and give a quick setup


Packed with Features

With everything you need to show product waiting times, look no further than BuddyPress Newsfeed

Merge Activities

Merge all activities into a single separate tab called Newsfeed.


Post Activity

Post Directly from the Newsfeed tab with activity Post Form.

Collect Activities

Collect activities at a single tab

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