BuddyPress Redirect

Redirect users to different locations according to the user role after login to your BuddyPress social network website.

BuddyPress Redirect plugin gives an option to site owners to decide where their users should be redirected after the login. Currently, users can be redirected to different locations after login:

Personal Profile, Personal Activity, Site Wide Activity

BuddyPress Redirect plugin also offers options for logout redirect.

Current version: v1.8.2

Packed with Features

With everything you need to show product waiting times, look no further than BuddyPress Redirect

Login Redirection

Redirect Your site users to any custom page while they are logging into the website.

Logout Redirection

Manage Logout redirection based on user roles or member types.

BuddyPress Components

Redirect members to any BuddyPress Component

BuddyPress Login & Logout Redirect Features

Easy to Use Backend Setting

Easy Navigation

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in order to work, BuddyPress Redirect do list requires BuddyPress plugin pre-installed and activated.

Yes, you can redirect users based on user roles.

Currently, users can be redirected to 4 different locations after login:

  • Personal Profile
  • Personal Activity
  • Site Wide Activity
  • Custom URL

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