PeepSo bbPress Addon

bbPress is forum software with a twist from the creators of WordPress. Easily setup discussion forums inside your PeepSo powered community website.

You can have many forums within your community using bbPress. With PeepSo bbPress addon plugin, you can sync your forum discussion with PeepSo Activities.

Current version: v1.5.0

Tested Up To: PeepSo v2.8.1

Updated: 5th Aug 2020

PeepSo bbPress addon allows site admin customizing activity attributes with a simple setting option without any coding. Members themselves can also enable & disable sync of their forums activities with PeepSo Activities. It will help to keep all option and link accessible from single profile location.

New update of PeepSo bbPress addon allows you to link bbPress forums with PeepSo Groups. it will create forums tabs inside the linked group to display existing topic and to add new. New topic activity will be synced with group activity.

Features of PeepSo bbPress Addon

  • Adds options for forums inside individual profile
  • Adds options to enable forum activities inside PeepSo activities.
  • Community admin can manage which attributes will be used to create activity threads.
  • Simple option to customize your messages for new forums, topics and replies inside activities.
  • Member can also enable/disable their forums activity sync from community activities.
  • Members have dedicated tabs to keep eye on their posted forums, topics, replies and subscribed forums plus topics.

Download Details

PeepSo bbPress Addon

$39.00 - $99.00

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Integrate Forum

Adds options for forums inside individual profile & PeepSo activities.

Share Forum Activities

Share forum activities on the timeline to engage members.

Dedicated Tabs on Community Profile

Offers dedicated tabs for topics started, replies, subscribed topics & forums.

Dedicated tabs on your community profile

#TopicStarted #Replies #SubscribedForum


Share your forum activities to engage members


#bbPress #PeepSo

Dedicated tabs on your community profile

#TopicStarted #Replies #SubscribedForum


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