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  • Sridhar Nagineni
    Working on another contract which is an extension this contract
    Sridhar Nagineni
  • Rayaaf Ali
    Very knowledgable and fast turn around for tasks
    Rayaaf Ali
  • Dwight Ford
    I found Varun to be personable, smart and capable. Definitely plan to increase the difficulty of project I send his way.
    Dwight Ford
  • Jose Gutierrez
    Varun is by far the best programmer I ever work with, very professional, goes beyond expectations, I will be working with him in more projects for sure, thank you very much Varun!
    Jose Gutierrez
  • Till Paris
    What great work! Communication was excellent and they understood very complex details about the project in a short time. Will hire again! Thank you.
    Till Paris
    Dream Team Media
  • Kyle D Wahlquist
    Varun is a great contractor that has a firm understanding of the wordpress/buddypress framework and how to properly implement changes that lessen the need for rework on upgrades.
    Kyle D Wahlquist
  • Tantyo Bangun
    Varun was a great wordpress/ buddypress developer. We worked very constructively. Would like to develop this project fruther with him in the future.
    Tantyo Bangun
    Greenweb ID
  • Paul Burt
    Varun did a great job and then followed up to make sure we were satisfied. Don't hesitate to use him
    Paul Burt
    James Colucci Enterprises LLC
  • Glassworks Dream Boutique, LLC
    Varun is almost too good to be true. I could not have imagined that my first vendor on Odesk would actually know WordPress, BuddyPress, Multisite, optimization, plugin customization, and Infusionsoft...everything we are using. I hired him because he was the only one who made recommendations based on my requirements, and I have come to rely on his advice. He is smart. He is fast, and I consider him a priceless resource.
    Glassworks Dream Boutique, LLC
  • Ron Arch
    Varun did an excellent job of resolving my project quickly. He was very patient and understanding of my struggle to understand what needed to be done on my end. I explained what I needed done and he simply took over and executed flawlessly. I highly recommend Varun to anyone who needs an experienced, trustworthy, professional. I look forward to working with Varun  again in the near future.
    Ron Arch
  • Diego Rosero
    I will definitly be in touch with Varun. Good professional.
    Diego Rosero
  • Joseph McCray
    This was my first experience using the Buddypress and Wordpress together and Varun helped me get it set up and worked through overall customization. Really a superstar will continue my boy for every work :)
    Joseph McCray
    Strategic Security
  • Ian Rutherford
    Varun did a skillful job recommending themes and plugins and then provided top-notch support getting everything configured and even did some styling tweaks in a very timely manner.
    Ian Rutherford
    Aquinas and More Catholic Goods
  • Maya Rogers
    Very responsive and supportive and knowledgeable
    Maya Rogers
  • Abo
    Varun is the WP & Buddypress treasure. He is 5 stars in every single aspect. master in multinetwork, custom codes and create plugins. communication is 10/10 and availability 10/10. re hire him again in new contract
  • Eric Alston
    This was my first experience using the Membership plugin and Varun helped me get it set up and worked through a few customizations.
    Eric Alston
    Brand Equity Marketing, LLC
  • Miguel Hidalgo
    A very talented Wordpress Specialist. Unfortunately, our schedules conflicted. I wish we could have worked out.
    Miguel Hidalgo
  • Sridhar Nagineni
    Very glad to work with Varun. very talented and skilled with the wordpress and buddypress core technologies. Helped me a lot and provided helpful suggesgions during the course of this complex project. I will.definitely work again with varun for the quality of work and professionalism.
    Sridhar Nagineni
  • Abo Kamal
    Buddypress expert, WPMUDEV expert. Professional communication and excellent team leader. Highly recommended as 5 stars developer/ project leader
    Abo Kamal
  • Sofiya Pylypenko
    It was a pleasure working with Varun! I really enjoyed the experience and got a great website. I look forward to working with Varun on future projects
    Sofiya Pylypenko
    Ukrainian Community
  • Anthony Mak
    Needed quick help - got a very quick helpfull response! : )
    Anthony Mak
  • Abo Kamal
    Number #1 in Buddypress...... will restart his new contract
    Abo Kamal
  • Momagama
    Very good experience - will definitely hire again!
    N T
  • William Martin
    Why hire anyone else? His work rocks the house!!
    William Martin
  • Martin Colin, P.C.Best worker. Creative, hard working, talented. Highly recommend.
    Best worker. Creative, hard working, talented. Highly recommend.
    Martin Colin, P.C.Best worker. Creative, hard working, talented. Highly recommend.
  • Johnny Yakubik
    Varun is now my go to guy for everything Wordpress. He's the Micheal Jordan of Wordpress Multiuser Networks.
    Johnny Yakubik
  • Carlton Smith
    Varun did a great job with his contract. Will hire again.
    Carlton Smith
  • Brian Fobi
    He was great to work with. I had a rather long checklist of thing I wanted done, and he did them expeditiously and well. I would absolutely use his services again, and I highly recommend him.
    Brian Fobi
  • A Hutchinson
    Varun is one of the best contractors I have worked with, He is extremely knowledgable, provides coherent solution and provided excellent communication. I would give Varun 10 stars if i could. He is comes highly recommended.
    A Hutchinson
    MH LTD
  • Janet Chavez
    Varun was able to successfully clone my multisite. I could not find another developer who had the experience to do this job. The multisite copy is an exact copy of my original multisite with the same settings and it is working properly. Good job!
    Janet Chavez
  • Micah Coen
    "Varun is extremely professional. Works quickly, and offered a lot of advice to better organize and optimize our site."
    Micah Coen
    Velvet Media Group

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