WooCommerce Custom My Account Page

WooCommerce Custom My Account Page

Navigating multiple pages on the WooCommerce based store to view usable information is quite frustrating for a customer. Here’s the solution — Woo Custom My Account Page Plugin.

Current version: v1.2.0

WooCommerce v5.4.1

This plugin comes with the functionality to customize “my account page” for customers with all the details. With this plugin admin can now add more endpoints, which he want to show to customer at one single page.

Woo Custom My Account Page lets admin control perfectly the WooCommerce My Account page. You will be free to add and manage the most suitable information, sorting them with tabs or menus.


  • Options to show the Menus on My account Page in ‘tab’ or ‘sidebars’ style.
  • Allow customer to change their profile Avatar Image.
  • Allows to create unlimited no. of endpoints to add in menus
  • Show a limited no of endpoints based on user roles
  • Change endpoints levels and avatar
  • Various styling options (like Menu Item Color, Logout Color etc.) could be set as per your choice.
  • Lets you temporarily deactivate menu option.
  • Easy rearrange endpoint menu items by simple drag and drop feature
  • Show any page link or specific product based on category in the menu
  • Disable certain endpoints to show for a time period, without deleting them

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Easy to Use Backend Setting

  • Admin Can add custom endpoints
  • Admin can add a group of endpoints
  • Display the endpoints vertically or Horizontally
  • Feature to Permanently delete an endpoint
  • Feature to disable the endpoint without permanently deleting them


Display Customize my account page to your members

  • Members can calculate purchase the items according to the delivery date
  • Members can check the availability of products
  • Increase the ease of shop

Easy Setup

  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for E-commerce websites
  • Simply install the plugin and give a quick setup

Packed with Features

With everything you need to show product waiting times, look no further than WooCommerce Custom My Account Page


Tabs or Sidebar

Show the endpoints as Horizontal tabs or a sidebar on my account page


Menu Options

Admin can temporarily deactivate the menu options


Rearrange endpoints

Easy rearrange endpoint menu items by simple drag and drop feature



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