Woo Audio Preview Pro

Woo Audio Preview Pro

The Woo audio preview is an extension for WooCommerce that enables your customers to preview music or audio files before they purchase them. You simply upload a sample file in the backend and Woo Audio preview will take care of the rest.

You have complete control over positioning the player on the product page through the smart built-in hooks Woocommerce offers you.

Current version: v1.3.1
Tested Up To: WooCommerce V6.9.4

Update: 4the Oct 2022

Plugin Features

  • Specially Build for Woocommerce
  • Add Audio Preview feature in the single product page
  • It allows starting the Preview live on-site after clicking on the Preview box
  • Playlist Mode(Multiple files can be uploaded)
  • Attractive front end display
  • Two custom positioning on product page
  • Feature to enable/Disable playlist mode


Easy to Use Backend Setting

  • Allows you to include audio preview in your products.
  • It is possible to include multiple audios.
  • Feature to enable Playlist mode

Add extended Feature

  • Custom Positioning on product page to display audio files
  • Feature to exclude categories to not display the audio preview feature
  • Feature to customize the look and feel of audio files displayed on product page


Easy Setup

  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for E-commerce websites
  • Simply install the plugin and give a quick setup

Packed with Features

Create Playlist

With woo audio preview pr, you Create an audio playlist easily

Manage Appearance

Look and feel can be managed easily, with the provided tools

Custom Positioning

Custom positioning settings are given to adjust the audio files on the product page.

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