BuddyPress spam repcaptcha

BuddyPress reCaptcha – Protect from Registration Spam

Buddypress reCaptcha is the best solution that provides an all-in-one captcha for  Buddypress, WordPress, and WooCommerce. This plugin provides to check reCaptcha in WP Login page, WP Registration, WP Lost Password, BuddyPress Registration, WooCommerce Login, WooCommerce Registration, WooCommerce Lost Password, WooCommerce Order Page, BBPress Topic, And Reply pages. There are easy settings given with on/off captcha on required places.

Current version: v1.5.0
Tested Up To: BuddyPress v10.2.0

Update: 2nd August 2022

BuddyPress reCaptcha Features

  • Support both reCaptcha V2 (checkbox) and reCaptcha V3
  • WP-Login reCaptcha
  • WP-Register reCaptcha
  • WP-Lost password ReCaptcha
  • Custom label for reCaptcha
  • Recaptcha On Comment Form
  • Buddypress registration Recaptcha
  • Custom error messages for invalid captcha
  • Recaptcha dark/light theme
  • Captcha normal/compact mode
  • Captcha language selection for V2.
  • Disable submit button until captcha checked
  • Disable reCaptcha for IP/Range
  • woo-commerce login reCaptcha
  • woocommerce registration reCaptcha
  • woo-commerce Lost password ReCaptcha
  • Guest checkout reCaptcha
  • Login user checkout reCaptcha
  • captcha for payment request buttons
  • WooCommerce pay for order captcha

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reCaptcha for BuddyPress and WooCommerce


reCaptcha Options

  • Click on the Buddypress reCaptcha settings to open the configuration settings for the captcha.
  • Select the Recaptcha version and insert the site key and secret key.
  • In plugin settings, you can select the options for Recaptcha according to your choice.
  • Display captcha on the corresponding pages.

Buddypress reCaptcha

  • Support both reCaptcha V2 (checkbox) and reCaptcha V3
  • WP-Login reCaptcha, WP-Register reCaptcha, and WP-Lost password ReCaptcha-  Controls how the captcha will be displayed on the pages.
  • woocommerce Recaptcha– Controls how the captcha will be displayed on the woocommerce login, wooregistration, woo lost password, and checkout.
reCaptcha for BuddyPress and WooCommerce
reCaptcha for BuddyPress and WooCommerce

Easy Setup

  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for Community Websites
  • Simply install the plugin and give a quick setup

reCaptcha For BuddyPress Features

Support for reCaptcha V2 (checkbox) and reCaptcha V3

Display Recaptcha according to the options set by the admin

Recaptcha Theme

Displays Recaptcha in dark/light theme

Recaptcha Field Title

Displays the custom field label.


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