Woo Sell Services

Current version: v2.0.2

Woo Sell Services allows sellers to sell services to their customers/users.This plugin will add the ability to WooCommerce to sell services just like a product is sold.
Woo Sell Services creates a new product type called “Services”. This plugin allows the vendor to sell services and adds a conversation section between Shop Vendors and Customers so that all the requirements of service can be given by the Customer.

It also provides a feature of product review where customers can give their reviews and ratings for the purchased services.

Manage Services

This will display all the customers’ orders at one place. A customer can easily view any of his order details in tabular format .

Conversation Box

This will let customers ask any question from the vendors and conversate with him , And can attach files where they have ability to reply on those threads .

Add Review

Customer can also add review after receiving his service. Customer can also close the thread, if his order will be marked completed.

Features of Woo Sell Services

  • Creates a new product type called “Woo Services” to sell services.
  • Allows vendors to add questions that will be required to process service.
  • Vendors can add multiple questions and order will start after customer will submit order requiments.
  • Customers and Vendors can easily manage their orders in a tabular form.
  • Provides an easy to communicate feature, a dedicated conversation section for each order.
  • Vendor and customer will also recieve emails for each conversation trigger.
  • Allows customers and vendor to add reviews and ratings!

Checkout Admin Options

Single vs Developer Licence

With functionality both versions have the same features, it’s about usages policy.
Single license allows you to use plugin or theme at a single domain and developer license allow you to use plugin or theme at multiple domains. Support will be limited to buyers only.