StoreMate WC Vendors


StoreMate WC Vendors

Create, manage, sell, and expand for revenue generation; everything you need for your online marketplace platform is possible with StoreMate.

StoreMate WC Vendors – Powered by Reign, WooCommerce, and WC Vendors

No matter what type of product you are selling, physical, digital, service, or subscription, the spot is one for creating your dream online marketplace platform – StoreMate.

Create your online store platform

Get everything that is required, appropriate, or pertinent in all ways to start your marketplace platform. Whether it is store/shop creation, Brand identification, or revenue generation.


Customize as per your brand

The whole shooting match for personalizing your platform. From advanced customization options, including the color scheme and typography, interactive shop/product layouts, mega menu support, community integration, and favorite functionality.


Monetize for profits

Supports major e-commerce and multivendor plugins WooCommerce, Dokan, WC Vendors, WCFM, and Easy Digital Downloads to add marketplace or eCommerce store features to your platform. Power to sell products as membership plans or subscriptions. Potential for numerous payment gateways.


Market Place

StoreMate WC Vendors

Effortlessly create your online store with splendid features and convert it into a successful marketplace by welcoming more vendors. With StoreMate WC Vendors, you can achieve anything and everything – from dozens of responsive designs to easy-to-create and manage shop features, from easy inventory management to stunning individual vendor stores, from shipping and discount to commission management.
  • Product Layout
  • Single Product
  • Store Grid / List Layout
  • WC Vendors Widgets
  • Vendors Dashboard
  • BuddyPress Support

Product Layout

Add some worth to your online store by facilitating a smooth purchasing experience. The theme supports properly categorized mega menus for swift purchasing. It also provides highly professional and attractive product and store listing.

Awesome Dokan/WooCommerce Pages Design

Enliven the layout of your store with some high-quality styling for WC Vendors and WooCommerce pages. Sensational design for single product and store to increase traffic.

Store Listing: Grid & List Layout

Are you bored with the old-fashioned long listing layout? The theme provides you with a phenomenal grid layout for stores. Check numerous stores in one scroll and promote visits and purchases.

WC Vendors Widgets

Not only products but also promote each and every vendor. Do some favor and help them in increasing their earnings with the vendor's profile type widget.

Vendor’s Dashboard

Not only customers but please your vendors too by providing them a straightforward managing and tracking dashboard so that they can keep a proper record of their products and sales.

BuddyPress Support

Tie your marketplace with the community so that visitors spend more time on your platform and ultimately boost the revenue. Provide them with a chef-d'œuvre. Create a bridge between community and marketplace by posting new product and product review activities on the sitewide community newsfeed. Allow them to mark the product as favorite and display some marketplace tabs on the community profile.
Engage Community

Establish your own Community


Create a reigning online community.

To rule over thousands of communities and similar use cases


No more need for multiple expensive tools for one brand-specific community; with reign, you can have all features for your desired online community. Seamlessly connect your members in your place with breathtaking trending online features. Much more than just connectivity. A fully-featured community with lots of options to dig from members, groups, and activities.
  • Activity Feeds
  • Member Connections
  • Social Groups
  • Member Profiles
  • Forum Discussions
  • Private Messaging
  • Events
  • Gamification
  • Activity Reaction
  • Activity Social Share

Activity Feeds

Scrutable Virtual space for members to express their view by post updates and stay updated and connected with others by polished site-wide activity posts. The section will allow posting and @mentioning. The site-wide activity stream will contain all the site-wide activities like group creation, profile updates, connection, and much more. One can aggregate these activities with a separate BuddyPress Newsfeed plugin. Group feeds - An interactive place for people with similar interests. Profile feeds - Member specific activities.

Member Connections

Deeply involve your members in your community space by allowing them to connect with one other and relish the moment. You can also greet new members with some welcoming add-ons like BuddyPress Auto Friends and BuddyPress Follow & Friend Suggestion.

Social Groups

Build relationships, engagement, and trust by meeting and interacting with people having similar interests by joining community groups.

Member Profiles

A private space for your valuable members to share about themselves. Member profiles will have editable profile fields. To extend the default functionality one can also use our add-on BuddyPress Profile Pro for extended profile fields and BuddyPress Status for profile status.

Forum Discussions

Gather your members together for various community discussions. Retain your members to your online community by encouraging and allowing them to take part in the various discussions, it ultimately drives sales.

Private Messaging

Allow your members to connect one-to-one and share thoughts with the one they care about the most. Members can also send the message to the group of people simultaneously.


Convert your visitors into genuine members with some high valued engaging features. Apart from empowering them to showcase their talent in crafted words by adding some rich blog posts, you can also provide them opportunities for participation and skills development through events. The theme has inbuilt support for the popular "The event calendar" plugin.


Members are leading stars of any online community so, create some enthusiasm in your members by introducing gamification. Encourage by rewarding some badges and achievements for some progress. Reward users with digital badges, points, and ranks on your WordPress site. Reign have dedicated support for top WordPress gamification plugins like Mycred, BadgeOS and GamiPress.

Activity Reaction

BuddyPress Activity Reactions will boost audience engagement by allowing users to express a wider range of emotions on each wall post quickly and effortlessly. It will assist content providers in understanding how others perceive their content so that they can strengthen it. Your users can leave emoticons-based reactions on BuddyPress activity feeds.

Activity Social Share

Reign Theme enables your website users to share the content over Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Pinterest, and Reddit. Members can also reshare the activities to increase content engagement. Resharing helps your friends and site members reaching to your post more frequently.

Transmogrify members into Subscribers, sell courses, products, and services, and produce funds.


Top-rated addons for crediting bank accounts assuredly.


Impeccable integration with almost all major WordPress plugins allows you to sell anything and everything. Powerful Reign add-ons can convert your online community site into a marketplace, e-learning, directory, or job listing site in a few minutes.
  • Subscriptions
  • Membership
  • Courses
  • Products/Services
  • Marketplace
  • Job Portal
  • Business Directory

Well-grounded source of income

Allow your members to subscribe to your community for interacting with one another. Generate recurring payments for site content, course, or product.


Restrict access to genuine members. Increase financial stability and customer loyalty by serving member-only content. The theme has inbuilt support for the "paid membership pro" plugin. You can have different membership levels on your site and lock content accordingly or unlock as per member progress.


You can easily convert your community site into an e-learning platform by just adding a relevant Reign add-on plugin. Reign support all the major LMS plugins like LearnDash, LifterLMS, Sensei, and Tutor LMS.


Create real connections and sell products or services. Reign supports WooCommerce and EDD both e-commerce plugins permitting you to sell your products and make some sterling. Moreover, you can also sell your services just like Fiverr with startling addon plugins like Woo Sell Services and EDD Sell Services.


Grant your members with authority to sell products on your site and gain profit together or allow visitors to register as a vendor on your site. Build and burgeon your own amazon or eBay-like site instantly with phenomenal Reign-addons. Reign has support for almost all major multi vendor plugins like Dokan, WC Vendors, and WCFM.

Job Portal

Start your own job portal with Reign. Allow your members to post resumes or jobs and help both organizations and job seekers. Reign supports "WP Job Manager" plugin and has an addon for easy integration. Now have a job and resume tabs on the community profile.

Business Directory

Reign can also be used for listing or Business Directory sites. It supports the popular "GeoDirectory" plugin. Reign smoothly integrates with the GeoDirectory plugin, apart from sparkling styling it also provides places and some relevant tabs on members' community profiles.

Everything you require to set up and personalize for your brand

You can make your site more appealing with various branding options. It also provides easy customization options, which include amazing color and typography, an option to create your brand-specific header and footer, and multiple layouts for members’ and groups’ page headers. You can also display groups, news, members, and sitewide activity on the sidebar with the help of dedicated BuddyPress Extra Widgets. It has a sleek, clean, and fully responsive layout with user-friendly features. The Theme is highly flexible, RTL-supported, SEO-optimized, and a gemstone that provides ready-to-use demos.
  • Demo Data Import
  • Branding
  • Multiple Header Layout
  • Login Popup/Ajax Login
  • Mobile Menu
  • Dark Mode
  • BuddyPress Extra Widgets
  • Layout Options
  • Plug & Play Sections/Pages
  • Share and Reaction
  • More....

Demo Data Import

Reign provides you with ready-to-use demos for a quick and easy start. Dummy data will help you to get an overview of the overall site for further configuration. There are dozens of demos you can choose from as per your requirement.


Give your community your trademark. Reign provides plenty of branding options to give you your own touch. Bodacious color scheme, typography, logo, favicons, and subheader options.

Multiple Header Options

Choose your header to match your site style and needs. Reign provides multiple header layout options. Additionally, it accords you with pre-build Elementor header and footer layouts. Furthermore, you can even customize your header or footer with the Elementor page builder plugin.

Login Popup/Ajax Login

Reign includes a demanding feature login ajax popup to grab the attention of your users and stop the urge of a swift signup/login process. Besides, it also provides you to create and map your own login, register, or 404 pages.

Mobile Menu

Highly customizable mobile menus. Surely, you have never experienced ease before for desired mobile menu steups. The theme provides an adequate amount of options for mobile left and right menu configuration.

Dark Mode

Take your community to the next level with the dark mode feature option. Greet people of different interests like gaming and coding. Dark mode signifies opulence and grace and is best for high chroma pictures to display. One-click dark mode can be a mood changer and impressive trait for your community site.

BuddyPress Extra Widgets

Customize and personalize every page of your site by adding relevant widgets. Reign comes up with multiple BuddyPress extra widgets providing your members a glimpse of the site and its activities.

Layout options

Reign provides you with multiple layout options for BuddyPress Pages. Moreover, members can also choose the desired one from their frontend profile section. The theme also provides the ability to adjust content and sidebar width as per need. Adorn your pages, post, and CPTs with a competent subheader option.

Plug & Play sections/pages

Alluring and enticing ready to use Elementor section and pages. The theme is perfectly compatible with the Elementor page builder plugin.

Single Blog Share and Reaction

Reign theme helps you to present your Blogs in an attractive, stunning, and well-structured manner. It provides different blog layouts and helps you to choose between them. members can react to the blogs and can also share them on social media with help of inbuilt features.

Never ending possibilities

Reign - One place for all your online business needs. Multipurpose WordPress theme with supreme styling and functionality options. The theme is Multi-Lingual, RTL ready, and immaculately responsive. It supports almost all major WordPress plugins like BuddyPress, PeepSo, BuddyBoss Platform, bbPress, WooCommerce, EDD, The EventCalendar, GamiPress, Paid Membership Pro, LearnDash, Lifter LMS, Sensei, Tutor LMS, Dokan, WCFM, WC Vendors, WP Job Manager, Elementor, Beaver and much more.
Obtain Complete Command

Keep your community safe, secure, and totally under your control

Keep an eye on your community and make a safe virtual space for your precious members with some valuable and flashiness BuddyPress add-ons like private community, moderation, profanity, etc.

Simple Pricing, Unbeatable Value

We are here to help! REIGN includes extensive documentation to set up every aspect of the Theme, but if you need further assistance, we will be right there with you on our fully monitored support!

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WC Vendors plugin is not part of StoreMate WC Vendors solution; you will have to buy separately from WC Vendors

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Reign Theme

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Reign WC Vendors Addon

Reign WC Vendors Addon provides seamless integration of WC Vendors with Reign theme, including layouts and social sync with BuddyPress / BuddyBoss Platform.

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