Our Founders

Wbcom Designs is founded by Varun Dubey and Sandeep Singh in 2013 as a WordPress specific web development agency at a time when computer technology was rapidly reaching new levels. Well versed with WordPress, both our founders made it the most important pillar of the company’s full strength and success and started this humble journey with the help of life-changing projects that led to one collaboration after the other and then there was no looking back.

The Story Behind Wbcom Designs

We always put our clients first as they are our true inspiration. The ‘Wbcom’ in the Wbcom Designs is an acronym for, ‘We Believe in Creating Optimized Methodology’ and this is and will always be our first priority. We began with WordPress and BuddyPress customization for some of our amiable clients and while simultaneously taking Upwork Projects. WIth time and experience we took more and improved slowly but steadily and became one of the most trusted development agencies in just 10 years. We are top rated developers on Upwork and developed a number of critically-acclaimed plugins and themes. We know that our story may not be magical but the hard work and dedication of our team made it worth this story to feel satisfied and inspirational.

A Feather In The Hat (13 years)

Our journey as an ‘Everything WordPress’ development agency offering core WordPress and BuddyPress services began in 2013. And with the support and love of our loyal global clients, we are even more focused on developing high-standard websites, providing competence in building, modifying, and protecting their brand’s online presence.
Over the last ten years, our team has developed high-quality websites ranging from subscription websites, wedding, photography, boutiques, Etsy stores, boutiques, jewelry, charity, paintball, real estate, lawn care, artist/dancer portfolios, furniture, industrial supply, corporate, fitness, gun accessories, spa and salon, health products, churches, nightclubs and what not. Also, with the combination of experienced full-stack developers and the designing and content management teams, we are now able to offer exclusive development and content services to all our clients.
We look forward to more fruitful collaborations in the years to come.

Continuing the adventure

With web technologies being more important than ever, we have strengthened our team even more with skillful developers, creative designers and articulate writers working hard day and night to deliver the most ideal solutions as per your need. Some of us are caffeine lovers while some are workaholics. This helps us our team to deeply connect, relax and brainstorm through new ideas. Our happy hours are our pizza meetings that we love the most. We work hard and celebrate success in style.