Support Policy

We, at Wbcom Designs, offer dedicated support to our customers to ensure they are able to take full advantage of our products.
In order to get customer support, we strongly recommend you to get acquainted with our support policy outlined below so that you understand how we can serve you better.


We provide support for all the products that you have purchased from our site. You are required to submit a support ticket to get support for all our products, pre-sales, installation and customization services.

However, for our free products, you can also visit our community forums on as well as raise questions via support tickets.Please go through with the following limitations for our premium support:

  • Support with installing and configuring the product

We can help

  • Bug fixes

We can help

  • Technical questions about our products available features.

We can help

  • Not running latest version of plugins

Sorry we can’t help

  • Have modified core files

Sorry we can’t help

  • Running plugins that modify our plugins

Sorry we can’t help

  • Running WordPress MultiSite

Sorry we can’t help

  • 3rd Party plugins

Sorry we can’t help

  • 3rd Party themes

Sorry we can’t help

  • Server technical assistance & support

Sorry we can’t help

  • Sample code or code snippets

Sorry we can’t help

  • Technical questions about features we don’t have

Sorry we can’t help

No Support for 3rd Party Products

We provide support for only those products that you have purchased from our website on However, we don’t provide any support for 3rd party products.

Make sure you own an active license.

Please note that the product license is non-transferable in nature. And, in order to get support, the license must be activated on your domain and staging server. The staging server must be on the same domain name.

Supporting Hours

Generally, we respond to all support queries:  

  • Within 12 hours from Monday to Friday 
  • Within 24-48 hours on Saturday & Sundays

Server Access

There will be times when we will require a login to your WordPress install or even your web hosting panel to diagnose and fix issues.

We encourage all our customers to run staging servers so that they can test and develop before publishing this to their website. This ensures your business continues to operate while you test updates or possible issues.

We cannot be held liable for any consequences that may arise from the access you grant us. It is your responsibility to ensure your websites data integrity, security and availability. We highly recommend that customers take a complete backup and run a staging server before granting our premium support with access.

Note: You are solely responsible to ensure data integrity and security of your website. And, we are not responsible for any issues that may arise from the access you grant us. We encourage you to take a backup of your data beforehand and run a staging server before granting access to the login for support.

Report a Bug

We regularly check for bug fixes and updates in order to make our products more advanced and user-friendly than ever.

However, if you found a bug, we recommend you to let it know to our support team so that we can investigate in time.For security issues, we will fix bugs and release it as soon as possible. While for other non-critical bugs, we will release them in the next software version. You may contact our support team if you want the bug fix before the version update.