Refund Policy

Due to the nature of digital downloads we do not provide refunds. You are purchasing access to support and updates. We believe in our products and have thousands of customers using our products on a daily basis. We stand by the quality of our development and our support. If you have found an issue with one of our products please submit a support ticket for the relevant product you have purchased and allow us ample time to investigate your issue.

As digital download software cannot be returned the following outlines when you qualify for a refund.

I haven’t downloadedYes, within 14 days of purchase.
I changed my mindYou don’t qualify for a refund
Your product doesn’t work with my themeYou don’t qualify for a refund
I modified the core of the softwareYou don’t qualify for a refund
I found a bugYou don’t qualify for a refund
My business failedYou don’t qualify for a refund
I don’t use it anymoreYou don’t qualify for a refund
I bought it by mistakeYou don’t qualify for a refund
It doesn’t have a feature I needYou don’t qualify for a refund

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