buddypress autofriends

BuddyPress Auto Friends

Add Common Friends For All Your Members

Current Version: v1.3.0

Latest Update: 29 Nov 2019

Allow the site admin to select global friends for all his members with BuddyPress Auto friends plugin. If you are starting an online community with BuddyPress and want some common friends to be added to the friend list of your members, BuddyPress Auto friends is the perfect option for you.

BuddyPress Auto friends is a simple BuddyPress add-on which gives the site admin an option to select common friends for all his members. These common friends get added as a friend whenever any new member signs up to their online community. There is no limit to the number of friends that a site admin can add to be called as common or global friends.


What's difference between single & developer license?

With functionality both versions have the same features, it’s about usages policy. Personal license allows you to use plugin or theme at a single domain and developer license allow you to use plugin or theme at multiple domains. Support will be limited to buyers only.

Can we have multiple members for as common friends for all.

Yes, BuddyPress auto friends allow adding multiple members as global friends. All selected global friends will be added as friends for all new signups.

Will BuddyPress Auto Friends also work for existing members ?

Yes, BuddyPress auto friends offers back end options to add friend for each global list members and you can easily add them as common friends of existing members.