BuddyPress Private Community Pro

BuddyPress Private Community Pro

BuddyPress Private Community Pro

BuddyPress Private Community Pro offers Privacy control for profiles as it is a very frequently asked topic in BuddyPress Community and inside Support questions. By default all BuddyPress Member Profiles are public and can be indexed by Google.

Current version: v2.5.0
Tested Up To: BuddyPress v9.2.0

Update: 5th Jan 2022

BuddyPress Private Community Pro offers a feature to lockdown BuddyPress Component and asks users to log in to go further to check the profile or any other protected details.

It’s not a membership plugin; We are offering some additional features requested by lots of customers multiple times like Remove the profile from Google Indexing, A profile should be visible for logged in members, Allows specific features like private messages for particular user roles, Let members keep their profile private for friends and a lot more.

Features of BuddyPress Private Community Pro

  • Limit access of BP Components, CPTs, pages, for site visitors
  • Allow members to keep their profile for themselves
  • Display Profile Progress Bar on User’s profile( using profile fields, avatar, and cover image)
  • Force Users to complete their profiles.
  • Restrict the BuddyPress pages according to user roles
  • Restrict all the BuddyPress Components according to user roles
  • Restrict your users to post a new activity
  • Set the requirements to post a new activity.
  • Set the requirements for the users to post a new comment
  • Set the requirements for a user to join a public group, private or hidden group.
  • Restrict users to join public private or hidden Groups
  • Restricts your users to create public private or hidden groups
  • Minimum number of friends, activity comments, Activities, user role should have to create a new group
  • Minimum number of friends, activity comments, Activities, user role should have to join a public, private, or hidden group
  • Prevent Role From Accessing BuddyPress Profile Tabs and custom tabs created by 3rd party plugins
  • Restrict user roles to send or receive friendship requests
  • Restrict User roles from starting a new conversation, From sending replies, from messaging to non-friends users.
  • Limit User roles to send a number of messages only
  • Manage the restrictions notices.
BuddyPress Private Community Pro


Easy to Use Backend Setting

  • Select BuddyPress Component to lock
  • Lock Custom Post Types and Pages
  • Set a customized message that has to be displayed on Locked Pages
  • Feature of Profile Completion to apply member restrictions
  • Below the profile completeness percentage will not be listed under member directory
  • Separate settings for logged in and logged out members

Restrict community components for the logged-in user by Roles.

Separate section for all the available user roles where you can select the desire component to lock for a specific role from the dropdown.

BuddyPress Private Community Pro


profile visibility setting


Protect your communities

  • A locked message will be displayed to the members on locked pages
  • Members have to complete their profiles in order to access several community Features
  • Calculation of profile progress based upon field settings
  • Members can join or create limited number of groups based upon the setting

Easy Setup 

  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for Community Websites
  • Simply install the plugin and give a quick setup


BuddyPress Private Community Pro

Packed with Features

With everything you need to show product waiting times, look no further than BuddyPress Private Community Pro

Profile Privacy

Adjust What People Can See. How do I control who can see what’s on my profile and timeline?


Profile Progression

Display profile progress bar based on values inside profile Fields.

Better Control on Groups

It will add options to limit excessive Group Creation, Group Joining and also how many members a group can have maximum.

Simple Pricing

We are here to help! We include extensive documentation to set up every aspect of our products, but if you need further assistance we’ll be right there with you on our fully monitored Support!

Check out our Refund policy and Support policy.

All pricing is in USD. You can change plans or cancel your account at any time. Read more about the Privacy Policy.


Still have questions?

Check out our Knowledge Base, or if you can’t find an answer there, drop us an email.





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