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LearnDash Notes

LMS Notes will extend your LMS plugin functionality to create real-time notes for courses, lessons, and topics. Using shortcodes, students’ notes will be displayed on specific pages, such as LearnDash Profile. It also has support for our LearnDash Dashboard plugin to display notes on Student Dashboard.

Notes will also be visible to their instructors and admin. It will also allow the instructors to add their feedback in those notes.

Current version: v3.1.0

Tested up to LearnDash v4.4.0

Updated: 20th Jan 2023

Learndash Notes Features

  1. Add and save notes for any course, lesson or topic
  2. Admin can display notes on specific profiles using a shortcode [lcn_notes]
  3. Support for LearnDash Dashboard Plugin that allows displaying notes on a student’s dashboard.
  4. Students’ Notes will be visible to their instructors and admin, respectively.
  5. Instructors can add their feedback in the notes prepared by the students.
  6. Custom settings for admin: Enable/Disable Notes Section on LearnDash Profile
  7. Enable/Disable Notes Section at a BuddyPress Profile Page (When using BuddyPress)
  8. Enable/Disable Notes Section on LearnDash Dashboard page
  9. Set Notes Position to left or right
  10. Set the custom position of Notes

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LMS Notes

Easy to Use Backend Setting

  • Display Notes Section in Learndash Profile and on LD Dashboard Page
  • Enable/Disable LMS Post types
  • Display Notes section on BP Profile (If using BuddyPress)
  • Manage Notes Icon Display Position
  • Customize Displayed Position on axises

Manage your Course Progress with Notes

  • Display your notes list on [lcn_notes] page and access them easily
  • View Edit and Delete notes
  • Print notes as PDF
  • View Doc Version of the notes
  • Display Student wise notes for the instructor
LMS Notes
LMS Notes

Easy to setup 

  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for Course instructors and Students
  • Simply install the plugin and give a quick setup 
  • Display a seamless Notes icon on the front end
  • Edit notes with a UI friendly Pop Up box

Packed with Features

With everything you need to show product waiting times, look no further than LearnDash Notes

View Notes

View Doc and Pdf versions of notes and print them as well. This way, you will have a portable file to share with anyone, and you can also access this DOC and PDF file anywhere without logging into the site. 

Measure Students Work

Measure your student’s work and keep an eye on them by accessing their notes. Instructors and admins can also view their student’s notes based on courses. 

Create Notes

Notes creation has become very easy with easily accessible icons. This Icon can be set anywhere on the screen according to the website’s design. 

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