Custom Email Options

Custom Email Options

Of course, when you send any notice from your website (counting huge numbers of the plugins also) sender is “WordPress” and the sender email location is [email protected] If you need to have customized sender name and email address then this plugin is for you.

Current version: 1.2.0

Tested up to WordPress 5.4.0


Custom Email Options allows you to replace default WordPress name and email address to custom name and email address.

You’ll see that WordPress email and name are replaced by your given email address and name.You also have the option to send email using SMTP under SMTP settings option.


  • Change default “from email address” that will be used for all sent emails.
  • Change default “from email name” that will be used for all sent emails.
  • Set Not Found (Error 404 Page)
  • Enable/Disable “wptexturize” function for the page title to transform quotes to smart quotes, apostrophes, dashes, ellipses, trademark symbols, and multiplication symbols.
  • Show generation time
  • Remove settings by a single click
  • Set the sender email (Return-Path) of the message.
  • Set the email address that a reading confirmation will be sent.
  • Advanced SMTP settings
  • Options to test emails

Download Details

Custom Email Options


Replace Default Email

Replace default wordpress email to any email address.

Confirmation Message

You can also use a confirmation message when the message has been read.

Test Email

If you want to test it out for yourself with a “Test Email” tab in its settings.


Control Emails in WordPress

The Custom Emails WordPress plug-in permits you take complete control of how consistently messages are conveyed through your WordPress site. Effortlessly change from whom the email will be sent.

  • Easily redo notice email subject and substance formats.
  • Re-send the email warnings physically also.
  • Change from email name: By default, your website sends messages in the name of “WordPress.”.