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PeepSo WooCommerce Integration

PeepSo WooCommerce Integration

It will help to integrate WooCommerce with PeepSo.

Current version: v1.4.0
Tested Up To: PeepSo v3.0.0.0

Update : 6th Aug 2020

Key Features Of PeepSo WooCommerce

  • Admin can set activity settings and activity content.
  • Admin can enable or disable WooCommerce tabs to be visible on the front-end at member’s profile.
  • Admin can add custom CSS for WooCommerce enabled tabs in PeepSo User Profile section.
  • It will also allow users to enable their WooCommerce activity.

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PeepSo Woocommerce Menu

PeepSo Woocommerce Integration

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PeepSo WooCommerce Integration

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled



Is it compatible with PeepSo v3.0?

yes, it will work perfectly with PeepSo v3.0.0, you can check demo at https://sandbox.wbcomdesigns.com/peepso/

Compatible PeepSo Version

Greater than 1.8.10+

Is it compatible with WooCommerce latest version?

Yes, we make sure plugin get update with each major WooCommerce Version.

Compatible WooCommerce Version

Greater than 3.2.5+

I have a question?

No problem. Please get in touch with us via our contact page.

What if I need more features?

You can hire our team to assist you.

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