BuddyPress Plugins For a Community Website

Enhance your WordPress Community website performance and customize it your way.  In this article, you will get to know about BuddyPress plugins For Community Website.

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Why do you need BuddyPress plugins for your community website?

BuddyPress is a software package that can be used to create a social networking platform on your existing website. So if you wish to create a social networking platform on your existing website then BuddyPress is a plugin you need. When you install BuddyPress on your existing site then it lets the users register, create their profile, post texts, form connections and also create several groups. In short, users can socialize. BuddyPress is a complete package for creating a social networking platform.WordPress Forms

But you should be aware that for creating an approaching and strong BuddyPress social network, you may need a theme, time, and several plugins to enhance BuddyPress and customize it further.

But the BuddyPress plugin has features that can be customized if you install these plugins. You can install an additional BuddyPress plugin to enjoy features like front-end account settings, a powerful admin panel, modern author widgets, and effects. These plugins provide you with highly responsive design and options customizable added with unlimited features.

Some plugins offer goodies that include various color schemes, widgets, header styles, social walls, authentic badges, emoticons, mentions, social login and option of the secure profile, various post formats, unlimited ad space, and much more.

For a community website, these features are of great use and will help in building a good image of your community website.

Top BuddyPress Plugins for Growing Online Communities

Here is the list of some best BuddyPress plugins you can install on your BuddyPress site:

BuddyPress Plugins For a Community Website

1. Youzer Community & User profiles

BuddyPress plugins For Community Website

It is one of the leading front-end user profiles management systems having a secure membership system, simple admin panel, better effects, and modern author widgets. It has a highly responsive design with options customizable with a bundle of numerous features. It has a range of features that will help you create an outstanding BuddyPress network. It will surely meet your expectations as it includes goodies like sixteen different color schemes, thirty-five plus widgets, fourteen different header styles, a social wall, user badges, emoticons, social login, and features like a private user profile. It has around 700 different options and is a plugin that you can use to enhance your BuddyPress network.

Download BuddyPress plugin

2. USERPRO user profiles with a social login

BuddyPress plugins For Community Website

This plugin is unique and lets your members or users log into your community website via their social networking accounts. There are numerous options you can turn on and users don’t need to use their social networking accounts instead they can log in to your website in the same way as before. You can get it for $30 which you won’t regret paying once you will experience its efficiency. It has different options and also includes multiple registration forms, Google fonts, PayPal for creating chargeable memberships, wonderful member profiles, member searches, newsletter features, and lots more. You can use the drag-and-drop panel which helps you customize any aspect of the website.

Download BuddyPress plugin

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BuddyPress Plugins For a Community Website
BuddyPress Plugins For a Community Website


3. BuddyPress registration options

BuddyPress plugins For Community Website

When a social networking site is created, different types of users show up. Users may vary such as normal users, spambots, or spammers who seek a platform to destroy it. For maintaining a protocol and providing protection against such spammers and automated bots, install this plugin. Developers share that BuddyPress Registration Options lets you create a secure and private network for every user. This plugin protects against spam bots and restricts the new user or visitors to access your community website without your permission. The users who have recently signed up may not show up in the member chart before your permission.

Download BuddyPress plugin

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4. Advanced in One Email Delivery

Email Delivery

This plugin tends to extend the email functionality of your WordPress site and it does so by adding some features like:

  • Replacing WordPress defaults by adding custom “From” fields
  • Allowing you to send an email via external servers by providing SMTP support
  • Transparent HTML emails and templates
  • Compatibility with WordPress MU or multisite
  • It is fully compatible with the trending and newest versions of BuddyPress and WordPress and works
  • efficiently with every browser except IE6. You can get this plugin for $18 only.

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5. rtMedia for BuddyPress and bbPress

rtMedia for BuddyPress
BuddyPress Plugins For a Community Website

It is a plugin that will handle the field of media for your BuddyPress or bbPress website. It was launched by rtCamp and other forty developers letting you add any photo or video albums, organize sharing and privacy preferences, execute front-end uploads, and convert your various audio and video files. Features like BuddyPress and WordPress integration, rtMedia uploader supporting drag and drop feature to upload any files, and option to attach any media to your activity streams. There are two versions a free and a premium version that have added features and support. You can test the free version to get a better idea about its working and concepts.

Download BuddyPress plugin

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Final Thoughts BuddyPress plugins For a Community Website

You need to review each plugin mentioned here for your community website. These plugins not only give you the ability to enhance the aspects of your BuddyPress community but also make changes accordingly. Users prefer those social networking platforms which have rich features enabling them to enjoy being on your site. You can simply hit the install button and get going. Let your users enjoy registering fast and using private accounts. Let your users post text and socialize via your community website.

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