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This year, you can do more than you have in previous years. Choosing a goal tracking software that works for you is all that’s required. We’ve compiled a list of the top five goal-tracking apps to make things easier for you. So, pick the one that’s best for you.


What’s a Goal Tracking App?

Using a goal tracking tool, you can keep tabs on how close you are to achieving your goals. Smaller, more manageable chores might be accomplished daily or weekly. To make objectives more actionable and attainable, goal tracking applications allow you to put them in writing.

1. nTask

Goal Tracking Apps

If you’re looking for a task management system that’s easy to use, nTask is an excellent choice. Its feature set is extensive and includes built-in time-tracking. Unlike Wrike or Asana, which require you to purchase an add-on for this functionality, nTask has built-in time-tracking. The nTask time-tracking system automatically collects time in a neat row, making it ideal for anyone billing by the hour.

nTask’s subscription is based on the team. Once you’ve signed up, you can invite other team members to access the project dashboard. If you’re working with a large team, you can later add more people to your subscription. The nTask interface is easy to navigate, and you’ll see a dashboard at the top of the page with workspaces. Once you’ve selected your workspaces, you can begin managing them with a single click.

In addition to team collaboration and communication, nTask also offers team management features. For instance, you can set up private workspaces for your team members and use the chat feature to communicate with other team members. You can also schedule meetings and monitor them with the tool. In addition, nTask includes a time tracking feature. With this, you can log the number of hours each team member has worked on a given project. This can be extremely helpful for timesheets, and nTask is easy to use for any project.

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2. Goals on Track

Goals On Track
Goal Tracking Apps

Goals On Track is a productivity app that helps you set and achieve SMART goals. This application makes it easy to break down your goals into smaller tasks and sub-goals and keep track of your progress. You can even add new tasks to the app and manually update your progress. In addition, Goals On Track asks you what you want to accomplish with your goal, how long it will take you to achieve it, and whether it’s achievable.

This goal management app is ideal for those who need a quick and convenient track of their progress. It offers customizable templates, ready-made goal journals, task management and reports, and even a mobile app. Users can use Goals On Track to keep track of their personal and professional goals. The app is available for iOS and Android and is free. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll be able to use it to track your progress.

The software is easy to use and offers the flexibility of being accessible anytime. It also has a mobile app for ease of access. The program’s user interface is simple to use and navigate. It also includes ready-made templates, as well as handy vision board tools. You can customize your goals and monitor your progress using the tracking tool. And because Goals on Track is free, you’ll be able to set as many goals as you want.

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3. Atracker

Atracker- Goal Tracking Apps
Goal Tracking Apps

ATracker is a powerful, free time management application for Android. The app allows you to group tasks by tags and filter them by category. It also allows you to aggregate your data and set the alarm for each activity, even when it isn’t running. You can customize the UI of ATracker, and use gestures to move between panels. The app synchronizes across your devices and has web access, which can be helpful if you’re on the go.

The ATracker app can be used to track your tasks, and it offers detailed analytics of your daily routine. The app allows you to categorize tasks with tags and export and sync data across multiple devices. Its minimalist interface makes it easy to manage your daily schedule. It also provides a daily breakdown of different activities to prioritize the ones you want to complete better. ATracker also offers pie and bar charts that help you compare your progress over time.

ATracker is a productivity app that enables you to categorize your tasks with tags. The app is easy to use and requires minimal setup. The app provides you with a daily overview of how much time you spend on each task and allows you to start or stop recording time. It will enable you to color-code tasks and add notes for each activity. It is available for both iOS and Android. What’s excellent about ATracker is that it’s free to use.

4. Strides

Strides- Goal Tracking Apps
Goal Tracking Apps

Strides are a great way to build your running habit while running. An interval drill allows you to run at a slower pace for 90 meters and gradually increase your speed. You can use the app to record your jogs and incorporate them into your rest or refueling breaks. Unlike other interval drills, strides should not be too difficult. The app helps you keep track of your progress to help you improve your fitness.

The app helps you track habits and progress. It keeps track of how much you walk each day, which allows you to create SMART goals and stay motivated. You can also share your streaks with friends so you can stay motivated. This way, you can stay on track. It will be easier to achieve your goals if you have a goal streak going. It’s a great way to boost your motivation. And as a bonus, it works with your Apple Watch and iPhone.

The app allows you to track your progress in four ways. You can set daily goals and prioritize them. You can also create SMART goals. Using this app helps you track your habits and get on track with them. The app also offers charts to help you stay motivated and on track. The app is free, so try it out and see if it’s right for you. It’s a powerful tool to improve your health.

5. Toodledo

Toodledo- Goal Tracking Apps
Goal Tracking Apps

Toodledo is a free service that focuses on organization. It will help you prioritize your tasks by calculating the relative importance of different tasks. This service is beneficial if you have a lot of other things to do each day. The user interface includes a list of different categories, including Tasks, Outline, Notes, and Habits. If you have a lot of other projects or clients to keep track of, Toodledo will help you manage your time better.

Toodledo’s interface was designed to be intuitive and productive, aware of the GTD methodology. You can set recurring tasks and assign contexts to tasks. And also add a geolocation tag to your tasks, which will help you remember where you left them, also mark tasks as done, prioritize and highlight them, and use natural language inputs to make it easier to complete them.

Toodledo is an excellent option for a task manager. It offers features like lists and notes, as well as habits. You can customize it for your own needs and use it wherever you want, on whatever device you want. There is also a free version, so you can try it before buying it. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll see why it’s so popular. If you’re looking for a productivity tool, you can’t go wrong with Toodledo.

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Create Online CounityConclusion of Goal Tracking Apps

Tracking your objectives with goal-tracking software is more accessible because of its distinct features. Here are the best free goal-setting apps. As with anything, there are pros and cons, and reading them is all that is required.

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