Are you searching for the best WordPress FAQ plugins for your website? Why are FAQs so effective? did anyone know this?  Well, if a user has a burning question they need to ask, chances are they’re not the first to ask it.

Today in this article I’m going to list some of the most popular and best WordPress plugins to create FAQ’s pages. It is not difficult to create FAQ pages, WordPress makes it very simple and easy but with WordPress FAQ plugins you can create user-friendly and visually appealing Frequently Asked Questions pages.

In this blog, we have listed some best WordPress FAQ Plugins 2022 for your website to create amazing Frequently Asked Questions pages:

1. Helpie FAQ plugin

helpie wordpress faq
WordPress FAQ Plugins

Helpie FAQ plugin is a quick and easy way to add FAQs to your website which helps to reduce your customer support questions and increases your sales conversions. It is the best FAQ plugin for ecommerce stores because it allows adding FAQs to WooCommerce product pages which really helps customers. It even allows the users to submit questions directly from the FAQ section.

Another good thing about Helpie FAQ plugin is that it can be integrated with Elementor page builder. You can embed FAQs like any other widget you use on Elementor. You can also embed FAQs using Shortcodes and Gutenberg blocks.

There are also some unique features like auto-ordering of FAQs using user engagement and FAQ Insights to help your customers get the best answers.


2. Arconix FAQ

WordPress FAQ Plugins
WordPress FAQ Plugins

This is the most amazing free plugin to create FAQ on your website. With over 10,000 downloads and a 5/5 star rating, this free plugin is a great option. Users say it is simple to use and has great support from the plugin developer. This plugin allows you to create questions and answers as custom post types. It’s easy to display your FAQ with the shortcode [faq]. The FAQ page shows questions and answers in a drop-down box. FAQs can be shown individually or grouped by tags.

Arconix FAQ doesn’t come with loads of fancy options but its Styling options are thin on the ground on this one, but if you’re looking to build a purely functional FAQ section using a free plugin you won’t find much better than Arconix FAQ.


3. Tribulant FAQ

WordPress FAQ Plugins
WordPress FAQ Plugins

When we talk about this top-rated premium plugin is always best option to choose. It comes with a number of cool features that make it a better option than the free plugins. The FAQ plugin integrates flawlessly with the new WordPress administration interface.

This FAQ Plugin comes with a full featured administration dashboard where you can manage question groups and questions. A configuration section is available where you can tweak the plugin according to your needs and preferences.

On the front-end of your WordPress website, users can browse through your FAQs, flipping through your questions with an easy to use, sliding accordion feature.

Tribulent’s FAQ sections are among the best you’ll find, too, with beautiful, sliding accordion effects. There’s a huge array of customization options, plus you can even add stylish social sharing buttons to your answers.


4. WP Awesome FAQ

WordPress FAQ plugins
WordPress FAQ Plugins

Another best FAQ plugin is WP Awesome. As the name suggests, it is awesome. Let me tell you how. WP Awesome FAQ Plugin allows creating unlimited FAQ Items with Title, Description. With 8000+ active installations, WP Awesome FAQ Plugin is second most popular WordPress FAQ plugin.
WP Awesome FAQ Plugin uses WordPress custom post type, It will create “FAQ” section automatically upon activation. Just create all FAQ’s, create a new page and use the shortcode [faq] to display all FAQ’s.


5. FAQPlus

create WordPress FAQ
WordPress FAQ Plugins

FAQ Plus WordPress plugin is an easily customizable CSS plugin. It has 25+ easing animation effect FAQ group. Lets you add FAQs just by pasting a shortcode, meaning you can display them anywhere on your website — including widget spaces. It has unlimited color variation and Font Awesome to display the FAQ more clean and standard.

You can apply different stylings to each question within a single FAQ section, too.
Each question is compiled into an FAQ list, reordered using drag and drop, and then assigned a unique shortcode.

You can also fill your FAQ sections with all kinds of rich content, including images and videos — try this if you want to make your answers easier to digest.



WordPress FAQ section
WordPress FAQ Plugins

Do you need an elegant FAQ section to describe details of your services, terms, and conditions? You have a long company history and want to have it in Q&A format? Then FAQ WD will be the most convenient tool for reaching a highly professional result. You can create an unlimited amount of questions and answers, then group them into categories for easy viewing. Specific categories can be displayed on pages/posts.

Using the FAQ WD plugin you can create an unlimited amount of questions and answers. The free FAQ plugin will allow you to assign questions and answers into categories.With 3000+ active installations, FAQ WD Plugin is one of the best plugin.


7. Accordion FAQ

WordPress FAQ Plugins

Accordion FAQ WP Plugin is a premium plugin created specifically to address user concerns and increase your conversions with an FAQ page. This plugin features the popular accordion style FAQ display, where answers are hidden by default and expand or contract when the visitor clicks an icon beside the question.

You’ll find the basics like unlimited FAQ pages and shortcode support, but also a list-style FAQ option – and the plugin comes with template support and drag-and-drop reordering.

Lastly, Accordion FAQ is translation ready using the Poedit tool, and you’re also given fast plugin support through their support email that they promise to reply to within 48 hours.


Wapping Up On WordPress FAQ Plugins

As already mentioned, FAQ pages are an important feature in any site. All these plugins can serve the need for such a page in a great and simple manner.

Whichever one you pick you can rest assured that you’ll have a fully functional FAQ page set up in no time with all the questions and answers you want to show. So try out these WordPress FAQ plugins and see the results. For any question related to this topic feel free to comment below.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day

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