\More than 25% of all sites use WordPress, and more than 10% of all traffic flows through Cloudflare. WordPress + CloudFlare has dependably been a triumphant blend, and now with its new WordPress plugin, it’s simpler than any time in recent memory to make your website 60% speedier.

Cloudflare controlled sites see a critical change in execution and fading spam. By and large, a site on this platform:

  • Loads twice as quick
  • Utilizes 60% less transfer speed
  • Has 65% fewer demands
  • Is far more secure

Once your site is a part of this group, its web movement is steered through its worldwide system. They naturally upgrade the conveyance of the website pages so that the page guests get the speediest page load times and best execution.


What Cloudflare plugin can do for you

One-click WordPress-optimized settings are the most effortless approach to setup Cloudflare for your WordPress site.

Web application firewall (WAF) rulesets, accessible on its paid arrangements, have worked in rulesets, including rules that alleviate WordPress’s particular dangers and vulnerabilities. These security rules are always kept up-to-date, once the WAF is enabled, you can rest easy knowing your site is protected from even the latest threats.

Automatic cache purge happens when you change the presence of your site. This implies you can concentrate on your site, while the most recent substance is constantly accessible to your guests. (Note: By default, Cloudflare does not cache HTML, and a cache purge is not required on updating HTML content such as publishing a new blog entry).


  1. speeding up your site
  2. Optimize your web pages
  3. Provide security and protect your website from online threats.
  4. Ensure your website is protected against DDoS attacks
  5. It works one of the speediest DNS services. It is worldwide, intense, and constantly secure.
  6. Header rewrites to prevent a redirect loop when Cloudflare’s Universal SSL is enabled.
  7. Change settings from within the plugin itself without needing to navigate to the dashboard. You can change settings for cache purge, security level, Always Online, and image optimization.
  8. View analytics such as total visitors, bandwidth saved, and threats blocked.


PREREQUISITE Make sure your PHP version is 5.3.10 or higher.


  1. Visit “Plugins” → Add New
  2. Search for the plugin.
  3. Activate it from your Plugins page.


  1. Download it.
  2. Upload the “Cloudflare” directory to your “/wp-content/plugins/” directory, using FTP, FTP, SCP, etc.
  3. Activate from your Plugins page.


  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your account. (If you don’t have an  account first sign up )
  3. Press your account name on the top right corner and select “My Settings”
  4. Scroll down to “API Key” → “Global API Key” → View API Key
  5. Copy the API key
  6. Return back to WordPress Plugin page
  7. Enter your email address and paste your API key
  8. Press Login.

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