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The Telegram Instant Messaging service is the newest mass-user messaging service to become popular all over the world. This service had already crossed 500 million users. The USP of this service is the end-to-end security it provides for its users, which was a concern with similar popular messaging services before. Telegram WordPress Plugin to Integrate Telegram.

WordPress, the most popular Content Management Service (CMS) in the world, offers these best plugins for integrating Telegram into your website. If you use Telegram regularly, a Telegram WordPress plugin like the ones described below for a WordPress website will be of great help.

WordPress Telegram Plugins 2021

Table Of Content:

  1. Telegram Bot for WordPress Plugin
  2. WP Telegram (Auto Post and Notification)
  3. WP Telegram Login and Register
  4. WP Telegram Pro
  5. NG-Mail2Telegram
  6. All In One Support Button
  7. Telegram notifications for WooCommerce
  8. Telegram Contact Button
  9. Telegram Bot & Channel
  10. WP Telegram Widget and Join Link
  11. Notification for Telegram

1. Telegram Bot For WordPress Plugin

telegram bot

The most comprehensive Telegram connection plugin through WordPress. After activating the plugin and creating the bot and connecting the bot and website through the plugin setting section, the Telegram Hook is connected to your WordPress site database and through Telegram Bot, all contents of your website are accessible by the users… Any person who enters your telegram bot, through the category menu will be able to search your site content by category. Then he can study posts and information on bot… Also, if you enable access for view and add-comments options for a single post by WordPress settings, the user will be able to view all the available comments for that post or even add a new comment.

Users are also able to use the search menu in the bot and search the given item by keyword. In the log-in /sign-up section of the bot, the user, through entering his/her email address, will be able to connect the user panel (available on-site) to the bot.

Key Features

  • Adding comments and viewing all the sent comments related to the post.
  • Editing the User profile by bot.
  • Publish posts to Telegram Channel
  • Receiving all the notifications by the admin panel of the bot
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2. WP Telegram (Auto Post and Notifications)


WP Telegram (Auto Post and Notifications) is an open-source plugin for WordPress websites to integrate it with Telegram. It has come up with lots of features. when your posts are published or updated, you can send them automatically to Telegram. Besides, it also supports conditional logic inside the Message Template.

Key features include

  • This plugin provides LIVE Support on Telegram
  • It is easy to install and set up on the WordPress site
  • Packed with actions and filters to customize the features
  • You can extend it with custom code
  • Translation ready
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3. WP Telegram Login & Register

wp telegram

WP Telegram Login allows your users to log in to your site with their Telegram. In this way, they can easily get connected and receive email notifications on Telegram. It provides users a safe, secure, and easy login method

Key features include

  • This plugin relies upon SHA-256 hashed data strings
  • If users want, they can log out of the websites remotely
  • Provides easy installation and set up
  • Moreover, this plugin can be extended with custom code
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4. WP Telegram Pro


Just like other Telegram Plugins, WP Telegram Pro is also one of the best Telegram plugins for WordPress that allows you to integrate your WordPress site with Telegram.

Key features include

  • Using this plugin, you can send your post automatically to the Telegram channel.
  • Send notifications for new comments
  • Search in post types
  • Easy to integrate with WooCommerce
  • You can even display the member’s count of the Telegram channel using shortcode.
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5.  NG-Mail2Telegram

NG-Mail2Telegram, Telegram WordPress plugin

NG-Mail2Telegram allows you to create your own notification bot. This helps you send emails to your dashboard users via telegram. Moreover, you can also send emails using your own Telegram bot. An important point that should be noted is that your website should support HTTP.

You can send mails using this plugin as plaintext, files, subjects only. If you want, you can extend it by using many filters.

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6. All in One Support Button

support button

Through this plugin, you can use different contact methods. It will display on every page of your site.

It’s up to you which contact method you would like to display on the desktop and mobile versions of your site.

Apart from Telegram, other social communication support channel includes Facebook Customer Chat,, WhatsApp, live chat, Zendesk chat, Intercom, Crisp, VK chat, Call Me Back,  and a lot more.

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7. Telegram notifications for WooCommerce

telegram notification

This plugin is an add-on for WooCommerce. It allows the WordPress admin to get notifications about the new order arrivals via Telegram.

The core features include quick and easy installation, translation-ready, WooCommerce support, WPML supported.

Try this plugin and unlock the best features for your WordPress site.

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8. Telegram Contact Button

contact button

Another great Telegram WordPress Plugin is Telegram Contact Button. It helps you create chat on your site via Telegram. The best part is that it is compatible with almost every WordPress theme and comes with cross-browser support.

You can also customize its appearance and it also provides ShortCode support. A user-friendly interface is another great feature of this plugin.

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9. Telegram Bot & Channel


Telegram Bot & Channel plugin allows you to do anything such as Search, Play, Remind, Connect, etc. This plugin allows you to create a Telegram Bot for your WordPress website.

There are many features that this plugin offers, like, Instant Replies (with secured Webhooks), Send manual messages, Zapier integrated, Support for scheduled posts broadcast.

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10. WP Telegram Widget and Join Link

Telegram WordPress plugin


WP Telegram Widget and Join Link plugin allows displaying the telegram public channel or group feed in a WordPress widget or anywhere using the given shortcodes.

Key features:

  • It has a responsive widget to display the feed.
  • Fits perfectly anywhere
  • It is Available as a Gutenberg block.
  • It Can be extended with custom code
  • It takes updates automatically from Telegram

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11. Notification for Telegram

Telegram WordPress plugin

This plugin Sends Telegram messages notification when receiving new forms (it supports CF7 and Ninjaform), a new user registered on the website, received a new order in Woocommerce powered store, Woocommerce order change status, someone add a product in the Woocommerce cart, a new Pending post is received (it works with any post type), also you can send custom messages using Shortcode anywhere in your WordPress site.

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Final Thoughts on Telegram WordPress Plugin

All these plugins are really helpful to integrate Telegram into your WordPress website.  You can use these plugins and make your WordPress site more functional. Hope you find this article useful.

Comment below your best Telegram WordPress Plugin.

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