Get Real With Your Content Marketing

People tend to explain things in terms of different stories. Stories have their own distinct ways of capturing the attention of human minds. If you are one of those who wants to take on a strong storytelling approach as a strategy for your content marketing, then it’s high time that you focus on the content of your site.

To successfully promote your brand or services in this information-rich world, you need to create your content in such a way that it can successfully convert more prospects. But how can you possibly know what type of information the audience is wanting from you! Well, here are the 5 ways to determine what type of content you need to write to drive more customers to your site.

Accept the Role of Mentor While Penning Content

Any business is supposed to work in a way where it will accomplish its goals while helping a potential customer to solve his/her needs. Your content needs to be written in such a way that works effectively helping both your site and the customers. And it is right here, that the relevance of accepting the role of a mentor becomes so much relevant. The better you’ll construct the content of the story of your content from the point of an adviser, the better the customers will be able to relate themselves with it. The moment you are opting for the role of a mentor and enabling people to deal with issues, you automatically stay ahead in the completive market of content marketing.

Consider the Prospects to Be the Hero in Your Content

Content Hero

Instead of making your business the hero of your story, you need to bring the prospects under the limelight. At the end, it is always the audience who will be going on the journey through your content. Though the written matter on your site can be built focusing on multiple personas; it’s best if you write the content focusing on a single persona.

While creating a worldview of your site or designing ‘call-to-action’, it’s important that you take into consideration the probable needs of the customers. The moment a prospect will begin to believe that your product may offer hem/her solution he is looking, consider the role of a mentor to be successful. After a person performs a positive transaction with your site, it’s the then that you need to present him with content that will help to retain him as a customer.

Map Out the Journey Story of the Content of Your Site

You need to learn to map out the journey route that a prospect may take after reading your writings. And if you want your content marketing strategy to be successful, you need to construct the information on your site by keeping in mind the journey story. When a prospect visits your site, he or she goes through the journey steps of thinking, seeing then doing and feeling. This mapping of spontaneous reactions is called empathy mapping. No matter how you frame your site structure, content is the basic way through which every person will take the journey. Therefore, whether done as a collaborative process or done solo, this journey mapping factor must be there in the subject matter of your site to make it effective in converting more prospects to your business.

Elements That Any Great Content Should Have

Content is the king

There are various different elements that any successful content must-have. Whether you believe it or not, but without these basic elements no matter how much you try, your content will sure to lack in the marketing appeal. Among the various necessary content elements, the main three are Action, Authority, and Affinity.

No one looks for action right at the beginning of a story, but to make a story successful and to make your content more attractive an action element is a must. Then comes the authority; instead of claiming your authority, present your content in such a way that it demonstrates your power over it. When it comes to the element of Affinity, well, it’s the part where you should let the core values of yours to shine.

After knowing the ways through which you can easily write content that will be more prospect-generating, you may find it difficult to resist imagining them to successfully executing. Well, though these tips aren’t everything to make your story all thrilling and in interesting, but they are effective enough to get you started in writing more traffic-attracting subject matter.

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