WordPress Sports Plugins

Sports blogs are one of the most popular WordPress blogs out there – and rightly so. After all, the world of sports is full of drama, entertainment, passion, and technique. We strongly believe that all this should also reflect on the kind of sports website you have. Whether you run a fan blog, a news and commentary website, or a fantasy league website, WordPress is your best bet. 

Keeping your needs in mind, we have listed below some of the best sports plugins for you. Read on: 

1. Team Rosters:

With this plugin, you can manage multiple sports teams. It has built-in formats for high school, college, and professional teams, and custom roster formats. This plugin lets you assign players to a team using a custom taxonomy. The best thing is that an unlimited number of players and teams are supported in this plugin. It provides you with several views such as a table, a single-player bio, a player gallery, and others. Download it right away to get a detailed idea about the functionalities of this plugin. 

If you wish to check it out, click here

2. SportsPress – Sports Club & League Manager:


You are looking at one of the best plugins when it comes to sports. It covers everything you can ever need! Some of its amazing features include player lists, staff profiles, season archives, sport presets, venue information and maps, easy shortcodes menu, statistics, and other configuration, certified compatibility, equation builder, club profiles, and so much more. It also has a pro version if you require an advanced sports functionality for your site. 

You can explore more – here

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3. Soccer Live Scores:


This is yet another amazing plugin that has been designed with your needs in mind. You can include live soccer scores in your post and pages. Additionally, you can also use it without AJAX functionalities as a static element. Right after you have downloaded the plugin, you can create your first match after a few steps! Additionally, you can also create events and additional information regarding the same. It also provides you with a high level of customization and is responsive. We highly recommend this plugin! 

Check it out – here

4. Football Formation:

WordPress Sports Plugins

Now you can add your football formations with ease within your posts on the website. This plugin has a plethora of high-utility features such as the creation of formations for teams of 11 or 7, responsiveness, customization of color schemes of football formations, creation of football formation in the post, and so on. All you have to do is download the plugin and you will be able to form teams without any hassle! It has a responsive design, is easy to understand and use, uses shortcode, provides you with high documentation, and has an excellent support team. 

Know more – here. 

5. League Table:

WordPress Sports Plugins

This is a versatile plugin that allows you to create beautiful tables for your posts and pages. It is fast and easy to use. Additionally, it has powerful features, a spreadsheet editor, sortable columns, and a high level of customization. It is also ultra-responsive, multisite ready, multilanguage ready, and has high-quality support. Moreover, you can customize different aspects such as table width value, container width, table margin-top, header font size, body font size, rows border color, and so much more as per your needs. 

Check it out – here. 

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6. WP Club Manager – WordPress Sports Club Plugin:

WordPress Sports Plugins

This plugin is packed with features so let’s discuss it right away. You can manage multiple teams in your club, add profiles for player and staff, post player performance ratings, automatically update league tables, manage club sponsors, add venue details and maps, customize the appearance with flexible templates, and so much more. Different kinds of sports such as American Football, Cricket, Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, Netball, Rugby League, and others are supported in this plugin. 

Check it out here

7. Sports Club Management:

WordPress Sports Plugins

With this plugin, you can manage members, competitions, invoices, and so much more. It saves you a lot of work and time in managing your club. There are also built-in competition formats for leagues, individual scoring, knockout tournaments, and others. An amazing thing is that rankings are generated automatically. The plugin is designed to support all kinds of sports and competition formats. It also provides you with intensive documentation and has an exemplary support system. 

Check it out – here

Sports are viewed across the world widely and we suggest you take advantage of this fact – invest in a good plugin and give your website an extra edge! Thank you for reading the blog and all the best! 

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