In a website, important things that help in gaining more traffic are user retention, visitor engagement, and conversion rate. These issues are altogether difficult to deal with. So, before you engage yourself in thinking about the things you have to consider several other facts too. These help in the generation of greater traffic and maintaining it. Well, this is a common problem for the bloggers and the website owners.

If one is using a website made of WordPress then things are deemed to be a lot better. This is because the sites are friendly to the search engine. Generating website traffic has also become easier with the availability of several tools. Here are some of the plugins that help in increasing the website traffic of a site you like.

WordPress Google analytics

Google Analytics for WordPress for website traffic

The Google Analytics can be used to get the relevant stats on the website. Be it the audience, the traffic sources and the performance all does matter. It will help increase the website traffic by analyzing and viewing from where the visitors come. It also keeps a track of the browsers used, the technology and the pages and posts the visitor stopover the most.

This plugin lets you have the custom report. You can also customize the goals for traffic. This can track the activities from time to time. There are a large variety of options with this responsive plugin. WordPress Google analytics literally takes control of a site’s traffic

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Sumo Plugin

Sumome plugin for website traffic

This is a powerful plugin. This comes with tools that can help to grow the email list. They double the website traffic by increasing social sharing. The tool includes a list builder, heat maps, welcome mat, highlighter, sharing buttons and many more things. Using these the companies make beautiful newsletters to the numerous subscribers. The share buttons are optimized to the mobiles. It increases the page view by 20%.the advantage of using this plugin is that it drives more traffic to the website.

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Jetpack by for website traffic

With this, website traffic increases. It helps to improve the security of the website and speed it up. It has several tools like publicize, related posts, social sharing, etc.  The performance of the site is also optimized. The site loads faster. Thus, the users have a much better experience. The plugins are kept updated. The Jetpack includes subscription and notification forms, custom CSS, and many other features.

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Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO for website traffic

It helps to fully optimize the website for better indexing. That is why there are more visitors and thus there is increased website traffic. This plugin helps to use write good content that consists of the targeted keywords. This also checks the headings for the posts. You can also write the meta descriptions, post them and check the content for readability. This plugin includes advanced XML sitemap functionality. This notifies Google and similar search engines instantly whenever a new post is added.

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Google XML Sitemap

Google XML Sitemap

This plugin generates an extraordinary sitemap. This helps the search engines to index the website and simplify it with to see the structure and also the content.  This plugin supports all the posts that are generated by WordPress. Like the earlier plugin, it notifies the search engines on the addition of content on the site. But this plugin also helps to put up your content before your readers. This, in turn, helps to increase the website traffic.

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The Takeaway

All the plugins that we have mentioned here are user-friendly. They do not require much time to set up. You should use these plugins. So, when you add these plugins to your website they make your website much better, easier and smoother to run. Overall they contribute in a positive way to increase the website traffic.

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