5+ WordPress Plugins That Will Help For More Traffic In 2024

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Are you looking for the best plans to increase your Website Traffic? So, for this, have you checked any of the WordPress Plugins before? There are plenty of popular WordPress plugins that can help boost your website traffic and user engagement on your website. Out of the several, I am just sharing the list of 7 plugins, that will help to gain traffic in just a few months.


In this article, you can find very popular plugins to increase your website traffic, and social engagements, sharing old posts automatically. Just go with the below-suggested plugins to follow these factors you will get the result very soon.

Let’s get started with the article.

Plugins To Increase Your Website Traffic

Here, you can get the list of the most popular WordPress Plugins, you can use to boost your website traffic, just in less time. Check out below.

1. OptinMonster

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Did you ever notice, that the visitors daily visit your site? How many of them will come back again? Any strategy to get visitors’ info, or email addresses? Here is the plugin OptinMonster that helps you convert your visitors into email subscribers. OptinMonster allows you to track users’ behavior and shows them a targeted message at the precise moment they are about to leave, so you can convert them into email subscribers.

2. Floating Social Bar

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You can check, there are plenty of social sharing WordPress plugins available. Using these plugins you can add social sharing plugins to your website page. It makes it easy to collect your social channel traffic to your website. However, some of these kinds of plugins are complicated and may result in slowing down your website. Undoubtedly, Floating Social Bar is super fast and has only the most popular social networks. You can set it to stick at the top of your posts when users scroll down. You can also add it at the end of your posts.

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3. Revive Old Post

What are you doing with your post once it is posted on the social share? Might be the same thing you are doing, just creating a post, sharing it once, and then after this post remains dead for the future. To avoid this, You can use Revive Old Post plugin, it makes your old posts work for you by keeping them alive on your social profiles. It allows you to automatically share your old posts on Twitter and Facebook at regular intervals. So, here, is the solution for your problem, let’s go with it!

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4. WP to Buffer

This plugin allows you to schedule updates for your social media profiles. It automatically adds your WordPress posts to the Buffer queue. This way you can automate all the social media sharing you have to do after publishing a post. Buffer permits you to do timetable overhauls for your online networking profiles. WP to Buffer module naturally adds your WordPress presence on the Buffer line. And, this is a great thing to collect more traffic for a long.

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5. Yoast SEO

We can consider this plugin as the best WordPress SEO plugin with the most comprehensive set of tools to optimize your website. You can include meta labels, XML sitemaps, breadcrumbs route, and even import your Google seek console information into WordPress. This plugin allows you to optimize your website for social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can add thumbnails for Facebook, and Twitter cards, etc.

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6. Inline Related Posts

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This WordPress plugin shows links to related posts inside your articles. This works very beneficial for long articles because users are already engaged with the content and are much more likely to check out similar content. Added links to an article increase the website traffic as more visitors get engaged with the variety of backlinks. This builds your online visits and the time clients spend on your site. It helps your website to get more traffic by just your article content and linking.

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7. WordPress Popular Posts

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This WordPress plugin allows you to highlight the best content on your website thus bringing even more attention to them and increasing engagement. It allows you to display your popular posts based on page views or comments. It also provides an option to choose popular posts by day, week, or month. Through this, you can also display the list with post thumbnails.

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Final Thought On Increase Your Website Traffic

Here, I am wrapping up my words for this article. I have mentioned above the list of popular WordPress Plugins, you can go for just to gain the website traffic. Hope, you like this article and it is worth your reading and time. If you like this article or have any suggestions on it, you can just leave your suggestion below in the comment box.

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