Ways To Improve Conversion Rates

Improve Conversion Rates

Increasing the conversion rate of your website is absolutely a little crucial task. In this article, I will share with you How to convert your visitors into sales? What are the important ways to Improve Conversion Rates? As we all know everybody always tries to do something creative for high traffic and visitors.

Getting a good volume of traffic to your website is great, but if it is not convertible into sales and money, then we can say it is almost useless. In online marketing, you can say about conversion rate as the ratio of total visitors to visitors who perform desired actions. Every business has a different successful conversion aspect. Some publisher is happy to get submission of subscription for. Some are considered conversion as making money, something to sell out.


Introduction To Conversion Rates

Improve Conversion Rates

Your website conversion rate is the number of visitors that come to your site that actually buy something. It’s the process of converting a visitor into a buyer. Anyone who’s worked in digital marketing knows that conversions are the lifeblood of any online marketing campaign. You run a marketing campaign to get people to do something—sign up for your services, buy your product, fill out a lead gen form, give you their email, etc.

Improved conversion rates are a key goal for any decent digital marketer. Marketing costs money, so the higher your conversion rate, the more bang you get for your buck. Improving your conversion rate is a great goal, but to do that, we need to look at your conversion tracking.


How To Calculate Website Conversion Rate

Improve Conversion Rates


Collect data from your website to calculate the lead generation and conversion rate:

After this follow the formula to determine the website conversion rate.

Lead Generation
Number of Leads Collected / Total Traffic to Site x 100 = Conversion Rate

Number of Sales / Number of Visitors x 100 = Conversion Rate


How To Track Conversions

Improve Conversion Rates

One of the fundamental ideas behind conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the notion that you are effectively tracking conversions. In order to improve your conversion rates, you have to actually know what your conversion rate is, to begin with! And, to do that, you need fantastic conversion tracking in place. Unfortunately, most marketers are not tracking their conversions effectively. To understand how this affects conversion rate, let’s take a look at how well marketers are implementing conversion tracking in AdWords.


Steps To Increase Conversion Rates

Improve Conversion Rates

1. Add testimonials

Testimonials reduce risk and provide social proof. Use them on product landing pages as well as on your email opt-in landing page.

2. Recommend related products

Include links to related content or products to keep visitors engaged and on your site.

3. Get your visitors excited

Use emotionally-charged language and amazing storytelling to get your visitors eager and excited to try your product.

4. Add various payment options

Believe it or not, not everyone wants to use Paypal. Consider offering a variety of payment methods to satisfy the preferences of all your potential customers.

5. Use a chat tool

Offer live chat to help answer questions and alleviate any concerns potential customers may have.

6. Add a guarantee

Include a no-questions-asked refund policy on all purchases. This reduces risk, and increased sales will usually more than makeup for any returns.


Benefits of Conversion Rates

Increase Your Website Profits

This is one of the most major advantages of conversion optimization. Even just a slight improvement in your conversion rate can lead to a massive improvement in your profits.

Leverage Your Current Website Traffic

One of the biggest benefits of conversion rate optimization is that it works with the current traffic that you already get to your online store. There is the initial monetary and time investment in getting a page optimized. Once it starts working, you really start making the most of the traffic. Your webpage already receives through SEO and other marketing efforts such as social or email.

Allows You to Beat Your Competition

When you actively do CRO, your online store is going to have an edge over the competition. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to win a customer you just have to be a little bit more efficient, a little bit faster, and you’ll win every time.

Improves Your Brand Perception

A large part of conversion rate optimization is making sure your website looks legitimate. Why? Because online shoppers are very concerned. Especially with recent security breaches at major retailers, about the safety of their information.

Your website will look as legitimate as your business really is, which helps to build trust and encourage those who visit your store to go ahead and make a purchase. Reducing friction starts with a professional brand.

Wrapping Words!

Here, I am wrapping up my article, the role of conversion rate optimization is to ensure that conversion rate optimizer is usually the best way. To get this process done correctly and in the shortest amount of time, so you can start improving your website profits.

Hope you have got the idea for the topic. If any suggestion, you can mention in the comment box below.




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