WordPress Membership Plugins

A WordPress site is created by combining some fantastic plugins with the correct theme knowledge. And recently, the WordPress plugin market has been inundated with various plugins from various developers. Without a doubt, WordPress membership plugins are critical for improving audience engagement on a specific site.

Before selecting a plugin, one should be aware of their needs. Several aspects determine why a specific plugin is the best option. When discussing membership plugins, we must remember that they should provide free membership tiers.

Material shield, downloadable content restriction, content drip, affiliate program, and complete payment gateways are all available. Integrating with eCommerce features also stays a critical point because some membership plugins are limited to the sale of digital products only.

This blog will cover the Best WordPress Membership Plugins you must use to get your website up and running.

WordPress Membership Plugins

1. MemberPress Membership Plugin

MemberPress : Free Membership plugin

MemberPress plugin has many features and might be your only membership plugin choice. The site owner can create an endless number of membership packages or digital items. Users can limit access to material such as pages, articles, categories, tags, files, and videos (using the MemberPress AWS add-on).

When a new membership package is developed, MemberPress creates a new price box and registration page for the package and sends out automatic reminders at different events, such as payment card expiration, membership renewal dates approaching, and so on. Members may quickly log in, browse their material, modify their account and billing information, and control all aspects of their subscriptions. The plugin integrates with PayPal, AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, MadMimi and Amazon Web Services, and BluBrry for podcast hosting.

2. JetEngine Membership Solution

JetEngine Membership Solution

Create a membership website using JetEngine’s membership functionality now. The plugin enables the administrator to design multi-step registration forms, configure welcoming email messages, and assign different membership levels to User roles. The JetEngine membership plugin allows you to control content accessibility, define visibility settings for distinct content portions, and allow or disallow digital content downloads.

Integrate a PayPal gateway into your course website to accept payments for your material. You may import, or export user profile presets to get started quickly. Launch a customized Single User Page with a new Dashboard structure as well. Admin may quickly modify the User Profile page and collect and publish user-generated material. You also have a great feature that allows you to unlock stuff based on the user’s progress.

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3. Paid Membership Pro Membership Plugin

Paid Membership pro : Free Membership plugin

Paid Memberships Pro is a 100% GPL and developer-friendly plugin that seeks to improve user experience through an intuitive user interface. Users may use this plugin to create limitless membership levels with their theme and restrict access to members-only content. Paid Memberships Pro works with various popular third-party plugins, including MailChimp, BuddyPress, bbPress, Zapier, WooCommerce, and many others. PMPro also includes more than 80 add-ons, which make the plugin more robust and flexible.

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4. Memberium

Membership Plugins
Membership Plugins

Do you have everything you’ll need to start a profitable membership site? And all of this is backed by a money-back guarantee! Yes, you read it right: a money-back guarantee. Memberium is an entirely risk-free membership plugin tightly connected with Keep/Infusionsoft. It does not require unique coding or expensive developers, and an award-winning staff supports it.

LearnDash, LifterLMS, Sensei, WP Courseware, and LearnPress are among the LMS plugins included with Memberium, allowing you to develop online courses to teach people about your areas of expertise without having to connect LearnDash, LifterLMS, Sensei, WP Courseware, and LearnPress.

Whether you’re an author, a course creator, offers internal training, or run a service business, the plugin allows the administrator to grant restricted information access to an unlimited number of students, members, or others, create and sell an unlimited number of courses, and create an unlimited number of membership levels.

Memberium may be used to onboard new clients, capture data for direct transmission to Keep, set up a payment gateway, and allow clients to upload files to Keep. Memberium may also be used to teach your team or employees internally, distribute your publications, and prevent people from sharing download links.

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5. S2Member


S2Member is a free WordPress membership plugin that gives users an excellent starting point and four membership tiers. It’s been around for a long and has a loyal following. PayPal is supported, and the plugin works nicely with MailChimp, bbPress, and BuddyPress. The administrator can restrict access to Roles, Capabilities, Posts, Pages, and anything else in WordPress. You may also utilize the S2 plugin to safeguard any downloaded files, stream audio/video, store files locally, or use s2Member’s interface with Amazon S3/CloudFront.

6. WooCommerce Membership Plugin

WooCommerce Membership Plugin

WooCommerce Memberships is a robust plugin that allows users to establish premium and free membership tiers. Members can change their subscriptions based on their control level by upgrading, downgrading, halting, or canceling their memberships. Members in the Member Area may discover all the information they need concerning their memberships. Suppose the site owner is already utilizing WooCommerce to sell items. In that case, they may also offer a trial, gratis, and reduced memberships or incorporate membership as part of a physical product transaction.

This Memberships plugin allows you to export members to a CSV file, exporting member data from WooCommerce and importing it into other programs. The membership plugin offers sought-after features such as multiple memberships, drip content, restricted content and products, and several payment gateways.

7. Membership for WooCommerce Pro

Membership for WooCommerce Pro

The Membership for WooCommerce Pro plugin is a premium option for WooCommerce store owners who want to generate recurring revenue while building a community of loyal consumers.

You may combine numerous membership plan features and construct endless membership plans using product categories, tags, and particular goods. You may also limit access to product pages and posts and provide members-only discounts and free delivery. It enables the administrator to govern membership plans by granting instant access or after a predetermined period.

It enables the delivery of membership action emails as well as the modification of product pages and membership plans through the use of efficient membership shortcodes. They also provide compatibility with other plugins. You can allow customers to add membership to their wishlist, switch to multi-currencies for membership products, and send out invoices through membership action emails.

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8. WP-Members: Membership Framework Plugin


It is an original WordPress membership plugin that is simple to install and configure. Users may install this membership plugin to restrict registered users’ access to content by restricting posts, pages, and specific posts/pages, as well as manage user login, registration, and profile integration into the theme. This plugin is fantastic for newsletters, premium content sites, clubs/associations, and more. Users may also use the plugin’s easy shortcodes to build certain custom pages.

9. Simple Membership Plugin

Simple Membership Plugin

Simple Membership is a straightforward yet comprehensive plugin that provides free and paid Membership with limitless membership levels. The site administrator can opt to conceal all material or present teaser content to entice people to register or log in. The simple Membership plugin only works with PayPal and is available in 20 languages. The plugin also supports making one-time or recurring/subscription payments.

The Stripe payment gateway allows users to take one-time membership fees. This plugin’s advantage is that it works with any WordPress theme and can secure photo galleries, attachments, and comments on protected articles. If site users choose to, they can remove their membership accounts with this plugin.

10. Restrict Content Pro Membership Plugin

Restrict Content Pro

Limit Content Pro does more than restrict content. There’s more to it than that. It is simple to set up and requires no prior programming knowledge. If you have much information on your site and want to package it as a paid product, Restrict Content Pro is a good option. This membership plugin makes it simple to restrict existing pages and postings to registered members exclusively. With this plugin, you may create an infinite number of membership packages, pricing, and levels. Users may pay using PayPal, and the owner can integrate the website with PayPal Pro/Express or Stripe.

11. MemberMouse – WordPress Membership Plugin


MemberMouse is a membership plugin for WordPress. It is an excellent solution for running a membership program with no-drip content and selling digital/physical items. It restricts website content by using passwords. The membership level determines how much access the members have to the website’s content. This plugin will help the site administrator set up a special membership package that only the readers of their purchase can access. Another feature allows registered users to give membership. Finally, this plugin works flawlessly with PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, Clickbank, iDevAffiliate, AWeber, MailChimp, and GetResponse.

Conclusion on Membership Plugins

All the above-mentioned WordPress Membership plugins allow you to create a fully functional membership website. We hope you liked this article. If you have any suggestions for us, let us know in the comments below.

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