How to Edit WordPress Footer?- 3 Ways to Create Perfect Footer for Your Site

How to Edit WordPress Footer

Are you looking for the best ways to Edit WordPress Footer? The footer of your website is the most essential part of your website. Yet, so many people don’t pay enough attention to its importance. However, if you want your Website to stand out from the crowd and rank higher, it is equally important to customize it the right way. Most themes come with a pre-designed themes section. However, editing the footer of your WordPress site can be a tricky one. In this guide, we are going to help you learn everything about Footer and how you can customize it the right way. Let’s start!!

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What is WordPress Footer?

The footer is typically considered the last section of your WordPress website. It contains links to several sections of the website that your visitors can find about your website. Depending on the content you add to the footer, the WordPress footer can significantly help improve conversion rates, navigation, average session lengths, and so on. The several information it may contain can be as follows:

  • Contact details
  • Resources section
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Disclaimer
  • Product or services category

Many beginners overlook the importance of footers and tend to lose the amazing opportunity to improve their website performance. You can easily find several templates in the edit WordPress footer section of your website. Here we will help you learn the best ways to edit the footer on your WordPress site.

3 Ways to Edit WordPress Footer for Your Website

Several options are there to help you edit the WordPress footer section of your site quickly. However, it depends entirely on the theme you choose for your website. Below we have given the top solutions to edit your footer in the simplest manner possible.

1. Editing via WordPress Widgets

WordPress Widgets
Edit WordPress Footer

Here we will introduce one of the most beginner-friendly and straightforward methods to edit WordPress footers. The best part is it doesn’t require you to edit a code or install a plugin to customize the footer. However, this method might not be available on every WordPress theme.

To start editing with Theme Customizer you need to first go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard> Appearance> Customize section.

Different themes might offer numerous customization choices. However, most of them allow you to customize the footer content, background, colors, and fonts and add or remove elements directly from the theme section.

Moreover, you can also customize the layout, sub footer, and logo using the WordPress widgets where you can also preview the changes before making it live.

The best thing about using this method is you don’t need to have coding knowledge to edit WordPress footers. You can choose the Widgets option in the sidebar settings to check if your theme supports widget customization. There you’ll see a wide list of widget locations to edit your footer. To get more customization options, we recommend you choose widget plugins.

2. Editing via Theme Settings

Theme Settings- Edit WordPress Footer
Edit WordPress Footer

Another great option to edit the WordPress footer is through theme settings. Several WordPress themes offer special options to customize the footer. Thus, you need to choose the most suitable one for yourself.

First, you need to go to the theme options in the Customizer’s sidebar to edit your footer section. The best option to find these settings is to click on the live preview option to start editing. There you’ll see a blue pencil icon that takes you straight to the footer settings. You can make any changes directly by clicking on the blue pencil.

Drag-and-drop different sections of your footer to design the section as you want. However, the options are limited as per different themes. But you can still make the best out of it. Moreover, you can also preview the changes directly from there before hitting the publish button.

3. Editing Via WordPress Menu- Edit WordPress Footer

WordPress Menu- Edit WordPress Footer
Edit WordPress Footer

Several WordPress themes allow you to create a footer menu directly from the WordPress menu system. It offers an excellent option to help you edit several links that appear in your footer section. However, it doesn’t allow you to add content like widgets.

You might control only a certain part of your footer depending on your theme type. It is quite possible that you may not have even one also. That’s why you can easily edit WordPress footers with the WordPress Menu option. To find the option, you need to open the Menus area in the WordPress Customizer >view all locations> Footer Menu>

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4. Create a new menu or edit the existing menu

If your theme contains an existing menu, you can easily add new content or make changes according to your website. Or you can simply add a new menu and start adding new content to make changes.
Why Should You Create a Custom WordPress Footer?

Do you think it is not enough to edit WordPress footers to create the perfect footer? Why not create a custom footer for your WordPress site? Relax! We are not telling you to be a coding expert for your website. That’s why WordPress is the best! You can easily create a custom WordPress footer with only a little drag and drop using WordPress editors. Create the perfect footer for your site by adding your own text, colors, fonts, button links, and many more. To get started you only need the two plugins:

Elementor Plugin – It lets you create and customize pages or sections as you want for a fully customizable website.
Elementor – Header, Footer, and Blocks Template – It is designed specifically for creating custom WordPress footers, headers, and blocks with only a little drag and drop.

To start creating your ideal footer, you need to install and activate both plugins on your WordPress website. Create your ideal footer to attract an audience and engage them for longer on your website.

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Wrapping up of Edit WordPress Footer

Now you are aware of the various methods to edit WordPress footers for a stunning website. Amaze your audience with a stunning website experience with the perfect footer. Use the above methods to customize the footer sections in the easiest way possible.

As a beginner, it is best to choose theme settings or widget options to get the best advantages of your theme. Depending on the theme, you will get only limited customization options to create the perfect footer sections. However, we would recommend creating your own if it doesn’t allow full customization options.

Moreover, several plugins make your work easier. You can choose the best plugin to add an exciting layout and smooth navigation to your WordPress footer.

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