Top Employee Management Plugins

If you want to run a successful business, you must manage your employees well. Using WordPress is a great way to host your website. The good thing is that WordPress provides you with tons of great themes and plugins that aim to enhance your overall experience. 

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Employee Management Plugins

Looking for an easy way to manage your time and team? Read on to know some of the popular employee management plugins you can use for your business! 

1. Staff Directory – Employee Directory for WordPress:

Top Employee Management Plugins
Employee Management Plugins

Staff Directory is perfect if you are looking for a simple way of employee management. It allows you to add employees to your site with complete profiles that have a new viewable page. It also has an advanced employee search feature, that is, you can search by name or their attributes. However, if you still want more, you can always choose its premium version! When you opt for it, you will get additional features such as time-tracking, reminders, invitations, communication tools, customizations, and so on. You cannot go wrong with this plugin. 

You can check it out – here

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2. Timesheet Attendance Management System WordPress Plugin:

Top Employee Management Plugins
Employee Management Plugins

Add this simple plugin to your website right away and start availing its benefits! It is a simple solution for all your needs. It allows employees to use punch-in and punch-out. Moreover, you can track shifts with a simple tap! It can be used effectively on an iPad and other tablets. Reviewing the activity of your workers was never this simple! Installation and set up is easy and the plugin is user-friendly. This plugin is a simplified system of taking attendance and generating timesheets for the admin. 

If you want to explore this plugin, click here. 

3. WP Human Resource Management:

WP Human Resource Management
Employee Management Plugins

This is yet another plugin packed with powerful features to make things easier for you. You can imagine the efforts put into making this plugin effective through the kind of tools it makes available. Create departments with designations without any hassle on your website with this plugin. Moreover, you can easily review your list of employees and update their profiles accordingly. It is an employee management plugin with a plethora of features and it also helps you to keep your finances in check! Manage payroll, attendance, leave, recruitment, and so much more with this exemplary plugin! 

Check out this plugin – here

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4. WP ERP – Complete WordPress Business Manager with HR, CRM & Accounting Systems for Small Business:

Employee Management Plugins

WP ERP can help you with employee management and do so much more. It is a compatible business manager that is designed especially for you. Now you can manage human resources, customer relationships, accounting, and project management with this plugin. It allows you to add as many departments as you want. Moreover, it gives each employee their own profile which can be updated. Lastly, this plugin simplifies publishing updates, management of holidays, and allows leave to employees. To sum it up, it is the ultimate business management solution. 

If you want to know more about this plugin, click here

5. WPHRM – Human Resource and Finance Management WordPress Plugin:

Employee Management Plugins

Edit and manage your departments, staff, and salaries with this amazing plugin. Use the attendance and leave calendars to view important information regarding shifts. Update information without any inconvenience through WPHRM! Besides, it has financial management tools and generates simple financial reports to help you review your business better. It also sends push notifications about important updates and acts as a digital bulletin board for your company. Now you can perform tasks such as employee management, department management, salary management, holiday and leave management, and financial management with ease and effectively!

Check out this plugin – here. 

6. Employee and HR Manager Plugin:

HR Manager Plugin
Employee Management Plugins

If you are looking for a simple, user-friendly, and intuitive plugin, this one is for you. You can add unlimited employees, multiple departments, perform leave management, easily mark attendance, and get notifications with just one click. It has an excellent support team to help you with any issue concerning this plugin. Moreover, you can customize this plugin according to your needs. With Employee and HR Manager plugin, you can generate attendance reports, manage payroll, shifts, and your staff, calculate salary on a monthly and hourly basis, and do everything you need! 

Know more about this plugin – here

7. Innovs HR:

innovs HR plugin

It is easy to use employee management plugin and is completely integrated with WordPress. Manage your Employee/ Staff/ Human resource from the WordPress dashboard. Its user-friendly interface makes easy every task whether small or big. You can manage your human resources in your native language because it supports multiple languages. With Innovs HR you can create an announcement and policies with pre-made customizable templates. It will not take more than 2 seconds to send the notifications to all employees via text or email. 

Know more about this plugin – here

8. WordPress HR management system plugin:

HR managment system pluin

It manages employee leaves, profiles, attendance, and announcements very easily. You can set a logo on the HR management system. Manage everything about work from the WordPress dashboard. Approve or deny the leaves according to company rules, assign new employees, and many other useful features. You will get a well-maintained report that displays the overall analytics of your system. WordPress HR management system plugin is an end-to-end encrypted system. This plugin will help you to make your company functions fluent and effective.   

9. WP-HR Manager:

WP-HR manager plugin

If you are planing to build your own HR system on WordPress you can go for it for sure. It’s free HR WordPress plugin will help you to manage as many as employee you want. Track attendance, absence, approve leave and more. It is fully customizable with open source code. WP-HR Manager provide three levels of login for Admin, HR Manager, Employee. Your employees can check in/ check out through it’s mobile app. You can easily manage your company records with this plugin

Know more about this plugin – here

10. Business Manager:

Business manager plugin

It is built for so many features including ERP, HR, CRM, and Project Management. But we only require HR management. You can store data like employee’s job details, start and end date and more. Attach notes and important files. Easy management system for HR system. You will get all require features for a HR Management including performance review. It’s basic features are free but you can purchase paid features. Manage your employees for business manager.

Know more about this plugin – here


Well, this was our list! If you want your business to function smoothly, we highly recommend getting an employee management plugin to make things better for you. These plugins are top-notch, far easy to use, and have maximum utility! Have you used any of the above? If yes, what was your experience? We hope this article has been helpful to you. Thank you for reading and all the best! 

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