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After LearnDash 3.0 LearnDash becomes highly popular among the new course creators. In the process of continuous development and improvement in our LearnDash theme we bring you some exciting updates. LearnMate LearnDash theme brings the distraction free reading layout and engaging course review modules liked a lot by LeanDash uses. Latest update will help to create a niche-focused course marketplace with professional layouts options.

LearnMate LearnDash theme is combination of our core WordPress theme Reign BuddyPress Theme and Reign LeanDash Addon. If you are already using LearnMate checkout the Reign Changelog v4.4.0 and Reign LeanDash Changelog v3.0.0

LearnDash Demo

LearnMate LearnDash Theme New Features

LearnMate LearnDash Update
LearnMate LearnDash Update – Udemy Learndash Theme

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1. Three Different LearnDash Single Course Layout

We have provided a layout similar to popular course marketplace Udemy for LearnDash and layout similar to Teachable a popular online teaching software. The course creator can select the single course layout from a widget available in the course edit page. LearnDash course creator can switch the layout at any time based on the response from customers.

Learndash single course layout switch
LearnDash single course layout switch

a. Default LeanMate Theme layout :

Udemy Learndash Theme
Default Layout Udemy Learndash Theme

This layout is very simple and highlights the featured image. The course features highlight box will be just next to the course description. You can set up the sidebar widgets as per your choice.

b. Udemy LearnDash Theme; Udemy is the most popular course Marketplace platform. Udemy layout focus on showcasing Course except for content with author image, course rating, and update. The course feature highlight will be available in the sidebar to showcase no. of lessons, quizzes, and other such information.

learndash udemy theme
Udemy Learndash Theme

LearnDash Forum Integration Wpforo

c. LearnDash Single Course Teachable Layout

LearnDash Teachable Theme
LearnDash Teachable Theme

Teachable layout is vey clean and showcase the course feature section in sidebar.

2. LearnDash Instructor Profile Page Layout

LearnDash Instructor Profile PageUdemy Learndash Theme
LearnDash Instructor Profile Page

We have added new instructor page with course listing it will support Instructor role plugin and LearnDash Dashboard Instructor role as well. LearnDash.

3.  LearnDash Course Search filters Based on Category and Instructor

LearnDash Course Directory Search
LearnDash Course Directory Filter

Now you can filter the Course based on the course category and instructor on course directory page. Both the category and instructor filter work at same time.

LearnDash Course Directory Instructor Role
LearnDash Course Directory Instructor Role

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LearnDash Course Directory Category filter
LearnDash Course Directory Category filter

We have updated theme quality and you will find good site speed and mobile friendliness.  We have also updated our core Reign BuddyPress theme and now you can easily integate social network in your elearning website. Reign is compatible with WordPress social Network plugins BuddyPress, BuddyBoss platform and PeepSo. LearnDash have integration for BuddyPress,  BuddyBoss Platform and for LearnDash PeepSo Integration we have created a Addon.

Checkout the LeanDash and BuddyBoss Platform Demo with Latest LeanMate Theme.

Final Thoughts on Udemy LearnDash Theme Layout

The latest update highlight is Udemy and Teachable layout for single course page. The most unique feature is you can set one course with Udemy layout and one course with Teachable layout or keep the default layout. Instructor profile page was requested y several users and with our LearnDash Dashboard Addon its very easy to assign Instructor role to a user, and assign the course to Instructor from course edit page.


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