Top 10 Blogging Tips for College Students


Blogging has become a popular hobby and money-making venture among many students. Whether it’s looking for the best blogging platform or simply writing away from their ideas on a personal blog, a lot of students are taking blogging up part-time as both a distraction from schoolwork and a way to complement whatever they’re doing in school.
Just like any other skill, there are faster ways to master blogging. All you need to do is know a few tips and tricks that fast track your development as a blogger. For starters, you need to be very clear about what niche you want to go into. You also need to be passionate about your topic or you won’t have the staying power required to reap any meaningful fruits in the blogging world. That said, here are some other useful tips you can apply to help you become a great student blogger.

Blogging Tips for College Students

  •  Focus on writing about what you Love
  •  Keep your Titles Interesting
  •  Keep a good Posting Frequency
  •  Quality over Quantity
  •  Your Content should be your own
  •  Have Categories and Tags for your Blog
  •  Write Lists often
  •  Have a Search Box for your Blog
  •  Socialize your Blog Posts
  •  Evaluate your Content
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    Blogging college
    Blogging Tips for College Students

    Focus on writing about what you Love

    This is the most important tip of them all. You have to start by being clear about the niche you want to write in and the kind of audience you will be writing for. The best solution is to simply start by writing about what you love. You are more likely to have an intimate understanding of what the audience wants in such a niche because you are yourself an audience member (you probably read about the same topic a lot as well).

    Keep your Titles Interesting

    This is yet another important thing to consider. Your posts, as well as the overall blog, should have interesting titles that are eye-catching. This is the attention economy and your objective is to capture it as quickly and effectively as possible. A good title will give potential readers their very first impression of your blog and make them decide whether they want to read your blog or not. Good titles are a common feature on the best blogging websites for students.

    Keep a good Posting Frequency

    It’s also important to have a balanced post frequency in order to meet the expectations of your readers, especially if you get them hooked onto your post frequency earlier on. You should neither post too often nor too little. Post too often and you might not generate as much conversation as you would like with your readers. The quality of your work might also suffer. On the other hand, if you post too little then you risk disillusioning some of your readers and losing them altogether.

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    Quality over Quantity

    When blogging, your focus should be more on quality than quantity. As long as you’re writing in the right way, even fewer blog posts can be better than more. Blog posts are always best when they’re informative, to the point, and entertaining. In that respect, they can be short or they can belong. However, write short blogs until you master the art of writing enough to be able to pull off longer posts. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short and avoid padding your post with unnecessary words.

    Your Content should be your own

    One of the greatest things you should be aiming for with your blog is uniqueness. The last thing you want is a blog that reminds the reader of another blog they’ve come across previously. Make your own media, such as pictures, slide shows, and videos. Most importantly, write your own content and don’t plagiarize. Make sure you use Plagiarism Checker for free before publishing your blog to ensure it is unique.

    Have Categories and Tags for your Blog

    Here is yet another important tip for bloggers. Always divided your posts up into categories and tags to make it easier for readers to navigate through your posts and find the ones most relevant to them. Tags, in particular, help you with keyword research and make your posts more easily discoverable on search engines.

    Write Lists often

    Lists are the silver bullets of blogging and for good reason. Everyone loves a good list, especially one that is informative and entertaining. This very article is a list in itself. You can write lists on anything you love in your niche. Just make sure your list is easily sharable.

    Have a Search Box for your Blog

    A search box makes it easy for users to find the content they want. It saves them time and keeps them on your site longer since they can find whatever they want. In total, it makes your content more accessible.

    Socialize your Blog Posts

    blog promotion social media
    Blogging Tips for College Students

    What you want is for your blog posts to be shared as widely as possible. Embedded posts, prewritten texts. Social widgets and plugins make it easier for your posts to spread through social media and reach millions of potential readers, increasing traffic to your site. You can even create a social learning website and socialize it through the popular plugin  BuddyPressLearnDash for educational blogs.

    Evaluate your Content

    Make sure you evaluate your content before posting it. You can correct what needs correcting, delete what’s unnecessary, and add what’s necessary. This allows you to keep up the quality of your work and keep your readers happy.

    Conclusion: Blogging Tips for College Students

    Blogging is a satisfying endeavor that any student should try. With the tips above it can become more than just a hobby; it can be a source of extra pocket money when in school.

    Author Bio : Elizabeth Skinner is a writer and proofreader with a focus on technology, education, and personal development. She helps students get ahead with their studies and make money in the process through her insightful articles. She also loves to do yoga in her free time.



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