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What are your words for keywords? Any idea? These are the words or phrases you can type into a search engine like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to find your related searches and results. Your search may vary in many different fields and sectors. But what you have found using your keyword is the exact or near to your searched results. In this article, I am going to tell you about the easiest way how to find your advanced keyword?

Let’s Get started: How to find your keyword?

Google, Bing Yahoo are the best sources you have to find excellent keywords. Go to any of the search engines, type your main keyword related to your website and business. A search engine will show you the number of related keyword phrases based on user search habits.

Example: I am searching for the Yoga classes and simply type Yoga classes on Google. You can see here, how amazingly Google helps me to find my exact search. You can see below in this image, how many related keywords Google has provided me to complete my search. Seems Amazing! Right?

Surely, by the above image, somehow your confusion is highly cleared. This is the very first and easy way every user is following to a large extent. Besides this short and simple way, I will make you aware of some amazing tools for keyword searches. Find out below:


  • Google AdWords

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With Google AdWords, you need to check for Advanced Keyword then first arrive at the “Google Planner” tool, it will ask you to enter your keyword phrase. By entering your phrase, you will get a lot of suggestions. After that, you will find two options. One is “targeting” and other options suggest the “keyword filters”. You can choose your option better as your business requirements and level. I have provided you the process you need to follow, but I think one thing you must know about changes Google has made recently. Earlier, you do not have any need to take Google access to search your keyword results. Most recently, Google made a change to this tool, now you need to first take Google access to go for your search.


  • Keyword Research Database (SERPs)

It is a free and most popular research tool for keywords. This tool is helpful to you for finding the keywords related to your business, its search volume, and “cost per click” data CPC. Any idea about CPC?

CPC means “Cost per Click”. Through CPC, you will get the appropriate analysis that which keyword is mostly used by marketers and which keyword is more appropriate for business and website and which one gives you a higher profit.


  • Ubersuggest

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Undoubtedly, it is an advanced tool, through Ubersuggest you can find a large number of keywords instantly. Do you know, what is the procedure Ubersuggest follows for the keyword suggestion: See, Very first it takes your prime keyword, and adds a letter or a digit to the front of it, then it extracts all the possible suggestions related to your prime and focus keyword.

Wrapping Words!

The above written is my pretty suggestions. I hope this article is really worthwhile and helpful to you. If you like my article please hit like below.

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