Tricks for growing your Blog’s Traffic

Tricks for growing your Blog’s Traffic

The blog market is filled with writeups about tricks on increasing your blog traffic. And I won’t tell you that they won’t work because they work, most of the time. And the most sought after away is the ‘Google search’ way. Making money through the web comes easy when you have won the targeted traffic. But, I would like to tell you that depending on all the way only on Google searches can hinder your blog’s traffic. New update and boom! The traffic falls flat on the floor. So, there are many other ways of generating traffic that can help you out to reduce dependency on just Google search. Here are some tips to grow your blog’s traffic rapidly.

Content Exchange

Go, post a guest blog somewhere on a blog (a right blog, not any random one) that has average traffic. It will gain popularity because it will be put forward to a new set of audiences apart from the ones that your own blog has. So, some more followers will flow in, generating traffic. All you got to do is list out some good websites that are looking for guest bloggers to contribute. You, on the other hand, need to come up with a proper “write for us” page on your blog. Be cordial when you receive replies and you can set the ball rolling.

Facebook Affiliate Marketing

Premium BuddyPress Theme
Premium BuddyPress Theme

Make Blogging Friends

Every field has competitors. But, lesser do we talk about friends from the same niche. They are just as influential and good as you, why not reach out to them for some help? Collaborate with them and ask them to scatter the beans and stop doing it all by themselves. That won’t even require a lot of work. Just share some of their work on your social media on a regular basis and give them the due credits; sit back and wait until they do the same. Punch out a mail at some random occasion and get the talking started. To begin with, identify similar peers and influencers and build a spreadsheet of them. Make a schedule and go on a consistent yet non-irritating sharing spree.

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Rework/Update old posts

You are basically driving a portion of your traffic from the existing blog posts you have already published. Shell out some time and find out the ones that can be updated with the latest insights or information. Update them and share them once again. This will drive in commenting which is a sort of traffic. It’s a free marketing tool that can do wonders overnight.

Chalk out an Email List

We all know why building an email list is so important. Though all blogs have visitors only good ones have consistent followers. Make them feel involved and important. Whenever there is a new publication, shout it to them. Build a list of many such regular followers, and send out exclusive newsletters or similar content to them. When they feel that you care, you can expect them to spread out the word for you and bring in more followers.

Media-rich content

We all know that ‘Content is king’ but boring content will die out after a while. To keep things interesting, couple up your text with fab images, audio, infographics, and videos occasionally.

We hope that you will employ these simple yet engaging tricks to shoot up the volume of the traffic for your blog. For any suggestions or feedback, kindly drop a comment below.

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