Blogging Trends To Follow To Build Audience In 2024

blogging trends

Blogging has undergone a changeover in the past few years and to remain in the race of blogging trends, you have to craft engaging and appealing content to keep readers captivated. Modern times have made blogging a whole time engagement and gainful occupation. Various platforms define different rules like Vlogs are addressed to the audience who want an audiovisual depiction of information; posts with text cater to an audience who loves to read. On the other hand, Instagram in less educative and geared towards strong emotions or exploring relevant contacts, products, travel spots, services, and motivation. Every kind of blog has its specialties, format, and leanings.

Follow these latest blogging trends to expand your blog, increase users to your blog, and to be on top as a blogger.

Blogging Trends To Follow

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1. Don’t Talk About Common Topics

Stand out in the crowd and do not follow the popular trend. If you choose to begin a travel blog, be prepared to face stiff competition as there are hundreds of successful travel bloggers on the scene who surface every month. Create your niche by being very specific – for example: interacting with locals, or birdwatching in Rift Valley in Kenya; best waterfalls of South Africa; most secluded beaches of Bali.

For fashion brands blogs it is prudent to talk about fabrics, sewing patterns, skin undertone, matching garment items for a particular occasion, etc. Maintain the popularity of the topic, but be exclusive and precise at the same time. Always try to consistently create good content in a specific niche. An original content that reveals your unique perspective eventually stands out. If you are penning your own blog or for clients, building credibility in your genre is necessary.

2. Include More Video Content

video marketing, vloggers
Blog Trends

Video content is gaining influence in the blogging circuit lately. Its primary advantage is the preservation of time as you can see that educational blogs are including more video representations as it is the ideal way to learn by heart any study material. There are volumes of information present on educational blogs where readers can find and use them or research. But any video content that displays scientific experiments in physics, chemical reaction or historical pictures helps to connect better and create associations. Written discourses, textbooks, and study guides are the proper methods to rehearse and forward facts to long-term memory.

3. Select A Quality Hosting

Selecting a quality hosting is the first move towards successful blogging. In 2021 speed is the key and choosing a web hosting that is credible, fast and scalable will be the differentiator between instant success and failure. It is always productive to find a hosting company that upgrades with you as your brand expands.

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4. Make It Personal, Run Live Videos

Personality creates a distinctive style. Your distinctiveness changes your name into an identifiable brand. There is no requirement to search for a company face or to exhibit life stories daily. Rather, you can interview people and associate your brand with personalities. Explore artists, bloggers, eminent people who would prefer to collaborate. It would be more effective if you are prepared to stream yourself, interact with people, present your daily activity, be reliable and reply bitter and sharp questions because sincerity is often admired by people.

5. Craft Long And Engaging Content

blogging trends
Blog Trends

This is crucial if you are focusing on google ranking and SEO. Google gives you a better ranking for more words that increase traffic and social media shares. But your article should be well-researched and contain in-depth information along with credible examples. Target around 1500 words as new blogging trends demand that the longer, the better. People have lost interest in showy content, and the short message they go through while waiting in a queue. People now look for informative and purposeful content.

As scarcity of time has kept readers away from the urge to read books. This is the reason as to why long posts that explore subjects in-depth and have well-documented content have started to appeal more. Blogs should contain more information compared to a tweet or an Instagram post, but lesser than a book or a publication. People believe personal stories more than doctrines and spend their time reading and commenting on your extensive research.

6. Provide Quality Backlinks

A backlink refers to a hyperlink of your blog or site on other websites that streams traffic to your blog. Creating an active backlink is crucial to receive organic traffic. For any beginner, two ideal way to get backlinks is: Generate elaborate quality content and draft a guest post and submit them on blog sites. Backlinks are one of the important things of an offsite SEO. Always interlink content that is related as it will be beneficial to both you and your readers. Backlinks are core to the positive success of any SEO campaign. Good quality backlinks are useful in getting better rankings. The number of backlinks you give helps Google to determine the quality of your content. If many people link to it, Google receives the message that your content is qualitatively good and you receive free search engine unpaid traffic towards your site.

7. Figure Out Long Tail Keyword With Less Competition

Identify a long-tail keyword with low competition which is essential if you are searching for post ideas. Simply do not choose any generic topic for your post. Carry out a detailed research and search for a long-tail keyword with less competition. Then begin to write on the topic which deals with the subject closely. This will help your rankings and raise it in the search engine as there is low competition.

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8. Create Visually Stunning Content

Plain text writing is a bygone thing. 2021 is the time for more captivating visual content. This means more infographics, videos, pictures, and animations. Compose content which is convenient to understand and involves less reading time. Use graphic tools such as Photoshop, Canva or Venngage to make appealing images and involve your readers. The same applies to the blog header, presentation powerpoints or videos. The illustration also works well for blog images.

9. Make Your Video Channel

blogging trends
Blog Trends

Video is an integral part of blogging, and if you have not begun your video channel, you are losing out a major part of the traffic. Blog posts showing videos have thrice the number of inbound links in contrast to blog posts that do not contain videos. Be it a video tutorial, video images or presentation, it is a bestselling idea to make a video around your post to raise the traffic to your blog.

Youtube is among the most prevalent video sharing sites. If you have not launched your Youtube channel, the best time is to start it now.

10. Email Marketing Is Crucial

Right from the start, every blogger should initiate Email marketing. In 2021, it will act as a decisive factor for bloggers. For a newcomer, email marketing pertains to collecting email leads of the readers by offering them freebies such as ebooks or giveaways. The common process of collecting email is applying popups or after or in between your posts. However, in 2021, people utilize different media like ads on Facebook or Instagram to collect emails. People also tend to provide a specific course or webinar to gather email leads.

11. Make Use Of Ads To Spread Your Content

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Successful bloggers do not place their hope on organic traffic only but also promote their blog and written posts through ads. You can utilize a platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords or Reddit to push your post based on the user base. For instance, if your blog niche is food, it is more meaningful to use Instagram for your ads. You can distribute some funds for your ads on a monthly or quarterly basis and invest it prudently to reach a wider audience.

12. Employ Responsive Themes

A responsive theme is not a matter of choice, but its inclusion should be mandatory now. Your WordPress Theme should perform seamlessly on all types of devices. Your Google search and mobile compatibility affect the ranking of your blog in Google. Assure that you choose a paid WordPress theme that is responsive. Go for WordPress themes that load fast, convenient to customize, clean design and appear stunning.

13. Call To Action

This is the portion in blogging trends that is often overlooked by bloggers. They all create great content but often miss out to tell readers what they should do after going through the post. You require to inform users precisely what to do after giving a call to action. Pay heed to this as a top preference more so if you are an affiliate marketer.
You can include various calls to action such as subscribe to your blog, request the user to share your content, or read other related posts.

Final Thoughts on Blogging Trends

These tips may provide you a great start for 2021 as blogging has become more competitive and intelligent now. You have to adjust according to the current blogging trends and produce quality content and prioritize on what readers want. Networking also is crucial and helps you to link up with an influencer and share their content. The above list assists you to establish a greater audience outreach and receive more traffic in 2020. This is how a productive blog will look like in 2021 regardless of the platform or the topic.

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