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While writing a blog, many fundamentals and tips every blogger must need to know. Only writing the continuous content not cover all the blogging criteria. What should be the Blogging Fundamentals while writing? In this article, I will share with you the tips you can opt while writing any kind blog. You need to follow some fruitful steps instead of not only writing. Some steps must be followed in your writing that will give you the high ranking and good audience engagement. Only writing doesn’t solve the purpose of blogging, Yes, share on important online platforms gives the real result of blogging. Hence, make sure to makes your blogging habit not to write only, also to make money through it.


Check Out Some Useful Blogging Fundamentals

Let’s check out here some amazing blogging fundamentals and basic you must know. If you are planning to have a career as a blogger, you can check the below points.

Informative Tagline

Blogging Fundamentals

Your tagline is an important part to fill the topic what is the content is about, especially if your blog name is your own name. An informational tagline can work wonders to draw and retain the readers you want. You should add some keywords to your blog name or tagline that readers are used to searching about, that is a most effective way to generate more and more traffic.


Networking With Other Bloggers

Blogging Fundamentals

After writing a blog. what are you doing, just to post it on various sites? Is it enough to get promoted? Networking for the blog you have written is about to promote it in online mode. Same, you are doing networking in real life, engaged with people, that is the thing you should do to networking for your blog online. Networking with bloggers creates a reputation for you, and at many times when any of your blogger friends likes a post that you have written, he will mention your posts on his blog which will give you a backlink from your niche and traffic too.


Well Research And Writing Consistently

Blogging Fundamentals

To impress your readers, it is eminent to have made an in-depth analysis of your topic. You should give your readers an impression that you know the ins and outs of what you are telling them about. Make sure to research well on Google about the niche you want to write on. Higher the research, higher would be the quality content and accurate information. Writing consistently is part of the game. If you publish articles after a few weeks, then readers might think you think that you are about to abandon your blog and to publish fresh and unique content and that too in a consistent manner is appreciated by Google.


View Readers Comment

Blogging Fundamentals

Ignoring comments from your readers shows that you don’t care what anybody thinks about your posts. If the comment is a positive one, then you should thank them and engage with them and if the comment is a negative one, you can note what the reader complains about and assures him that it’s never going to happen again. Replying to each comment shows the readers your sense of commitment.


Attractive Heading And Organized Paragraphs

Blogging Fundamentals

The heading is the primary difference between a hit and flop post. Heading should always be an interesting one, something which creates a spark in readers’ eyes and attracts them to open the post page. Perfect headings are concise and striking. The readers more like short paragraphs and pointer than the longer ones. They are easier to scan and sift through which maintains a reader’s interest in your blog post.


Do Proper Internal Linking

Blogging Fundamentals

Internal linking has two plus points: First, You will have a much better bounce rate because whenever you internally link something, you are letting the user know that you have some other relevant material as well. Second, You will have better SEO. Check your older posts and link them to any relevant material that you have recently posted and make it a habit.


Put Social Sharing Buttons

Blogging Fundamentals

Social media is a great way to get targeted traffic to your blog, having lots of likes or subscribers of your blog page can boost search engine friendly traffic for your blog. Putting up straightforward and easy to use social sharing buttons can rapidly increase your page’s shares and likes. If your blog is hosted on WordPress, then you can easily install great plugins which are specially made for this purpose.


Target Right Audience

Blogging Fundamentals

To get a good conversion rate, target the people from your niche. Attract traffic who would have an interest in your niche then only you will be able to get a good conversion rate. Promote your blog on similar forums or sites.


Check Out Broken Links

Blogging Fundamentals

If a reference link in an article of yours pointing to some other site ceases to exist anymore, then it is known as a broken link. It is important to find such links because they severely affect your user experience. Get a Broken Link Checker plugin and always keep a check on your links.


Use Optimized Images

Blogging Fundamentals

A big size image is harmful to site speed as the larger file would take longer to load, so it is wise to scale your image size down to a smaller size. WP is a great plugin to Resize your images.


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Wrapping Words!

Here, I am wrapping words of my article. I have mentioned the useful basics or fundamentals of blogging you can use. If you are a blogger or planning to start a blogging career, these steps will really fruitful to you to enhance your knowledge. Hope, this writing will be beneficial to you and proves your spent time and reading worthy. If you like this article or you have any suggestion, you can leave your opinion into the comment box below.

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