A WordPress plugin is a special piece of software that adds some extra features to a WordPress site. Outstanding WordPress Plugins can extend the functionality and add some new features to your beloved WordPress site. Depending on the update history and reviews, you can choose the best WordPress plugin for your site. Now, when it comes to choosing a WordPress plugin, then the task is a bit daunting. There are thousands of free plugins available for a WordPress site. In order to help you to choose the best plugin for your site, here is the list of top 6 free WordPress plugins that you can try out with your site.

Top 7 WordPress Plugins

Form Maker

Form Maker is a name that is growing rapidly in the competitive field of WordPress plugin. This simple WordPress plugin lets its users build and customize complicated WordPress forms with ease. Though this plugin is new in the world of add-ons, it has some impressive features.

It offers MySQL mapping and survey tools with which you can manage your database quite easily. Moreover, the free version of this WordPress plugin offers a drag-and-drop feature and has some prebuilt forms to help you to add lots of customization options to your WordPress site.

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This is one of Outstanding WordPress Plugins which is a sleek add-on for any WordPress site. It will enable you to optimize your site. This plugin can cache all of your HTML, CSS codes, and java scripts. If you are a novice to the WordPress site then don’t worry at all! Using this plugin, you can easily compress and minify all of your codings. Moreover, it includes extensive API that will enable you to customize this plugin according to your needs.

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WordPress System Log

WordPress System Log is a very useful WordPress plugin that allows site admin to see the environment on which the site is currently running. This plugin displays details such as the WordPress environment, the database it requires, Server Environment and the plugins installed and activated on the site. With this plugin, you will see information about PHP version, Operating System, MYSQL version, System Uptime, Active Theme, Active Plugins and more.

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Activity Log

This WordPress plugin performs only one work and does it with sheer perfection. This plugin keeps a detailed activity log of your WordPress site. Moreover, it can track login attempts, updates and new comments of your WordPress site. In addition to this, this plugin sends an email whenever a particular event takes place on your WordPress site that’s why it is one of the Outstanding WordPress Plugins.

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Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of our life. Thus, it is very much important to incorporate this Social Media, a free WordPress plugin on your website. It can help you to add various social media logos throughout your WordPress site and provides lots of styles for each of the icons.

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Easy Digital Downloads

This is a total eCommerce solution for digital products. It supports various payment gateways and can handle multiple downloads all at once. This simple WordPress plugin offers to manage trade history and to track the earning and sales of your site.

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This is one of the Outstanding WordPress Plugins that help you to protect your privacy. This plugin will help you to hide your WordPress site to the non-registered people. Thus, using WP-Members, you can create posts that only the members of your WordPress site can view.

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The Takeaway

Well, now you are aware of all the functionalities and salient features of the WordPress plugin. Each of these plugins will help you to customize your WordPress site. Thus, using the above-mentioned WordPress plugins you can boost the charm of your site and let it reach the zenith of success.

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