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Social gamification has become an innate feature of WordPress and has become quite natural for WordPress websites to have this feature that allows the users to explore digital certifications, unlock digital rewards and get badges to boost your website transactions. Gamification is a popular tool through which you can make your website more appealing and add elements of gameplays to your website to make it more interactive and fun with Gamipress Vs Mycred.

If you are looking for the best gamification plugins that can make your website traffic boom with enriching gaming elements. Then look no further as we have introduced and analyzed two of the most core qualification plugins to serve any WordPress website with ease. Gamipress and Mycred have been noted for their excellent gamification features however we have highlighted some key elements of both plugins so that you may choose wisely.

What is Gamification?

Gamification refers to a form of digital rewards and certifications that a website often awards to its users to keep the content more interactive and fun. It has become an integral part of all WordPress websites through which you can revive a dull website and make it more fun and lively.

Gamification also refers to the level of badges or stars you earn on a website after completing a certain amount of purchases or certain digital rewards that are unlocked through which you can have more liberty and keep the website more interesting and fun.

Why Should you use Gamification for your Website?

Gamification can help the websites gain considerable traffic and make the website more interesting by adding unlocking features. These new features which include earning stars as rewards or unlocking new digital badges after purchases might keep the consumers happy and loyal to the brand.

The website also tends to become quite dull and dry while focusing on core new functions and with an active gamification plugin, the consumers will always have something to look after each purchase which can make them feel valued and cared about.

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With increased user activity on the website, the brand can seek exposure and coverage, with more boosting sales and high conversion rates, the brand will seek prosperity due to an increase in the number of reasons who are addicted to gamification and its related features.


Gamipress Vs Mycred

This is an incredible gamification plugin that offers support to extensive WordPress websites in delivering key essentials of making a website much more alive. The plugin can be installed on any WordPress website and can be set up in minutes to accommodate amazing gamification features.


1. Award Your Consumers In Three Ways

Gamipress offers three distinctive ways through which you can provide access to consumers and unlock digital rewards for them. The three ways are as follows:

  • Points- Points can be digitally induced votes that can be a vital way to make your customer feel valued.
  • Achievements – Achievements can be termed as level unlock for people who have shopped extensively from the website and can earn achievements for the same or related scenarios.
  • Ranks- Ranks can be a powerful way to award your users and make them feel more valued and catered for.

Gamipress allows these three ways in which a consumer can feel appreciated and initiate a virtual connection of the brand with the user to boost sales and increase user activity on the website.

2. Unlimited Ways To Configure The Awarding System

With Gamipress, website admin can set up rewards in almost any situation that the admin feels comfortable with to make the website more fascinating to the users. An admin can set up rewards for versatile situations such as:

  • Site activity such as daily visits, or blogs
  • After completing certain achievements – maximum Purchases in a month, most rated consumer, etc
  • After completing a certain set of achievements or criterion
  • Ranked member after dignified purchases or loyalty

3. Award Types

Gamipress award types include achievements, points, and ranks which can be further customized and can be configured to be awarded automatically without any manual assistance. The awards can be further segregated into:

  • Points such as credits, gems, or coins
  • Achievements such as quests or badges
  • Ranks such as levels and grades

4. Open For Customization

GamiPress is extremely user-friendly and can be altered to any given way via complete drag and drop features and mechanisms that promote customization and personalization. Gamipress works with event themes and is compatible with WordPress websites to provide a seamless gamification experience.

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5. Social Sharing

Users can actively share their reward points with others and on other platforms. The reverse marketing strategy can do wonders for your brands and help attract vital traffic back to the source which can increase your sales and website activity.

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Gamipress Vs Mycred

myCred is another fabulous gamification plugin that ensures smooth gamification alterations to be made on a WordPress website. The plugin works effortlessly with any WordPress website and offers unique ways through which users can get rewarded online. Let’s look at its features to know more in detail.


1. Convert Points Into Real Money

With myCred, users have access to convert their point money into real money that can be redeemed with the website ( for this you need to buy their add-on cashcard). Users who have accumulated many points and want to get them redeemed as real money can use the myCred addon to use this feature.

2. Three Ways To Award Digital Rewards

myCred offers three ways in which a website can award its consumers with digital rewards. They can be given as:

  • Points or set events that can trigger points to people who have cleared certain criteria on the website.
  • Ranks or positions to award to members who have reached a certain level.
  • Badges or virtual insignia to assign to users for their loyalty and service to the brand.

These awards can help boost the morale of consumers who have been actively pursuing the website services and can help increase the website traffic through considerable virtual engagement.

3. Support Of Premium Addons

myCred can be further enriched by making it more accessible via additional addons that can add more features and make the gamification feature more promising and unique. The cashiered addon can be used by users to turn virtual points into real money. The paid membership feature of my red plugin also facilitates access to 50+ addons that can make a website feel alive with gamification tools and techniques.

4. Miscellaneous Features

MyCred also offers some miscellaneous features such as adding notes that can be displayed on sites as well as defining currency codes to make the exchange easier. The plugin also includes payment through PayPal and stripe for a more global approach.

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Which Is The Best Gamification Plugin: Gamipress Vs Mycred?

While it is a tough choice to select, we have analyzed the features of both the plugins and have made certain conclusions. While Gamipress comes with many freemium services that make the plugin highly popular, we cannot simply ignore the myCred points to cash feature that is sure to incite consumers all around.

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Gamipress also makes it quite simpler for the admin to install and work with while myCred additional membership facility is equally economical and fun to use. While we have an article that might help you make a decision, it ultimately depends on the admin on what key features he would like their website to comprise to boost sales and revenue.

Gamipress Vs Mycred

Categories  GamiPress myCred
Adaptability  4.5/5 4/5
Reliability  4.5/5 4/5
Easy To Use 5/5 5/5
Integration  5/5 4.5/5
Features  Diverse digital award system, social sharing, customization, and easy access Points to cash feature
What we Like Universal reward system  Points to cash feature
What we don’t  Limited access to features Buy add-ons to enrich the website
Premium available if any, Free Yes available 
Pricing  Free( can be charged after a few years of usage) US$ 447 (3 years)
Overall Rating 4.5/5 4/5
Performance  5/5 4.5/5


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Gamification has now become an integral feature of websites that host a wide variety of functions and has evolved into a way that has become an important tool to make a website more fun and interactive. We hope this article was able to highlight the importance of each plugin and has helped you to make a wise choice that will help boost sales for your website.

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