‘Gamification’ is an extremely useful technique that allows you to transform mundane tasks on your website into exciting ones. Thanks to the massive community on WordPress, this technique has become quite popular in the last few years. One of the best ways to engage and encourage your users to take action and get involved on your website is gamification which can be used in a wide variety of WordPress sites. Some of these types of websites are blogs or personal websites, e-commerce websites, job boards, quiz portals, online communities, and affiliate marketing websites.

Basically, you can use ‘gamification’ as you want and need on your WordPress site. However, before that, you need to understand what actually gamification is and how can it be useful for your website.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is a technique used to enhance the business process using game elements. It is the method of applying elements and principles of game design in non-game contexts. For WordPress, these non-game contexts are ideal for learning management systems, lead generation websites, e-commerce websites, social communities and many more types of websites that involve users and their participation. WordPress has already made the process of developing your own websites extremely easy. What’s better is that it has made the process of employing gamification on your WordPress sites even easier whatever type it may be.

Now, most of you must be confused as to how the elements of games can be used in a Learning Management Solution or a BuddyPress or WooCommerce based website. Well to that we would say that gamification is actually a lot more than you think. As you know every game is built differently but most games have some basic principles. This is true for WordPress sites too. Even though they are built differently, some of the basic elements of game design that can be used on your WordPress site are defined objectives, rules, obstacles, win and loss conditions, badges and many more. Basically, these functions can be easily equated with the completion of a task. They can hence be used as reward generating tasks for your users for specific actions on your site. However, do not underestimate gamification due to its simple usability, as it has crucial advantages that allow you to enhance your website and increase engagement. These advantages have been compiled below.

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Advantages of Gamification

Using gamification on your WordPress site is a creative way to make your visitors stay for longer on your site and retain them for the future. The best thing about gamification is that it is applicable to a great variety of disciplines on WordPress. Some of the advantages of gamification because of which we would recommend you to employ it on your website are:

  • Improves the productivity of your website
  • Increases motivation among users
  • Encourages creativity and innovation
  • Strengthens communication processes
  • Increases engagement and interaction
  • Promotes growth and development
  • Enables brand recognition

10 Powerful Gamification Plugins For WordPress Site

We have compiled a list of the best gamification plugins from the massive WordPress plugins directory below. Take a look at these Gamification Plugins For WordPress.


1. GamiPress

wordpress gamification plugin

GamiPress is the easiest and the most effective WordPress plugin to gamify whatever you want and need on your website within a few minutes. It allows you to reward your users with different kind of awards and badges for interacting on your website. Not only this, but you can also easily illustrate the achievements, organize the requirements, and select from a wide range of customizable assessment options to check if each requirement has been achieved successfully or not.

Simple yet extremely powerful and highly extensible, GamiPress Plugin is loaded with some of the most incredible features like

  • Unlimited Points,
  • Achievement and Rank Types,
  • Rank requirements,
  • Achievement steps,
  • Time-bound specifications,
  • Widgets and Live shortcode embedder with a drag and drop functionality and a lot more.



2. myCRED

gamify buddypress


One of the most popular and regularly updated Gamification Plugins For Your WordPress Site, myCred is a flexible point management tool, that allows you to build points related applications for your website. It is an easy to use the plugin, which supports various features and allows you to manage pints and logs from users automatically.

You users can also browse easily via a dedicated log where all the adjustments history such as adding or deducting points is recorded. This log is very helpful in knowing about your badges, statistics, accountability, ranks and more.

This plugin supports popular plugins of WordPress like BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Contact Form 7, etc. The Hooks provided in the plugin allows you to perform actions such as new comments, store purchases and much more. You can set up these hooks easily in your admin area.

You can use this plugin for Store reward systems, community leaderboards, online banking or monetizing the content of your website.



3. BadgeOS

Gamification Plugins For WordPress


Now turn your WordPress site into a badging and achievement system easily with BadgeOS plugin. This plugin allows your users to complete steps, show their skills, knowledge and earn digital badges.

It also comes a range of assessment options which can be used to determine the completion of each requirement.

A powerful and extensible plugin, BadgeOS comes with many ultimate features such as Reviewed submissions, Auto-approving submissions, Site activity, Point thresholds, etc. You can also use this plugin to define an unlimited number of Achievement types, design your badges, create shareable badges and a lot more.



4. MoolaMojo

gamipress vs mycred

A virtual credit system, Moolamojo is another great plugin which you can use to enhance your site with gamification and incentives.

You can easily use this plugin to reward your users for their actions. It allows you to reward virtual currency for different user actions, charge virtual currency from your customers, and sell virtual currencies for real money.

With MoolaMojo, you can also assign user levels based on their points, and can also integrate it with custom functions and plugins. This plugin provides built-in integrations for popular plugins such as WooCommerce, Watu Pro, Namaste LMS, and Konnichiwa.



5. BePro Points

Wordpress points plugin

BePro Points lets you use to reward users with points to interact and engage them with your website. You can use this Gamification plugin to add, reduce, and viewpoint log transactions of all users on your website.

This WordPress Plugin generally provides points in return for the interaction of users on your WordPress.

Key features include

  • Works with any WordPress installation.
  • Reward users for comments
  • Reward users for new posts
  • Reward users for registration



6. Captain Up


gamification plugins

Another gamification plugin for your WordPress site, Captain Up, allows you to immediately start rewarding your users with points, badges, levels as well as leaderboards.

This is a fully-featured plugin, which gives you features such as creating new badges, showing activity widget on your site, rewarding your users, mobile support and tons of features.

Key features:

  • Total customization
  • dozens of badges and levels
  • Deep insights and statistics
  • Reward users for unlimited actions
  • Support for mobile and tablet devices
  • Support for over 18 languages.
  • User behavior analytics
  • In-app messages and notifications


7. WPAchievements Free: Gamification Plugins For WordPress

WPAchievements is a very powerful WordPress plugin that you can use on your WordPress Website to enhance your user’s experience as well as increase their interactivity. This plugin is helpful in creating achievements, ranks, and quest with much ease.

You can add achievements and quests on your site, reward your users with points when they gain any achievement. Your users can also share these achievements on Facebook and Twitter. WPAchievements Free also comes with several useful widgets to display leaderboards, achievements, quests, and ranks.


Key features include

  • Add Achievements & Quests to your website for multiple activities
  • Reward users with points
  • Restrict content by gained achievements, solved quests or user ranks
  • Publish to a user’s BuddyPress stream when they gain Achievements & Quests
  • Achievements & Quests can be shared to users Facebook and Twitter
  • Lock content so only specific Ranks can view it
  • Achievements post directly to the user’s wall
  • Create site-wide Achievements and Quests across your multisite/network installation
  • Easily translate WPAchievements into the language of your choice
  • Update function via the WordPress backend
  • Youzer integration


8. User Badges: WP User Achievements Plugin


An out of the box plugin to gamify your WordPress website and provide badges and awards to your users on your blog.

This plugin also comes with 11 automatically assigned badges where users can receive points by reading your articles, posting comments or any other task completion. You can also display the achievements wherever you want on your website.  Custom Badges can also be created and assigned to the users. This plugin also shows real-time widget showing latest awards coming soon and many more interactive features.


9. Marketing Automation by AZEXO

This is a complete Marketing Automation plugin for your WordPress. It comes with a simple and flexible user interface which allows you to create rules with a variety of conditions, actions, and events.

The pro version of this plugin comes with many amazing features such as making any reaction logic based on the behavior of the visitor, Tagging and Scoring site visitors, creating loyalty programs for visitors, awarding your users with awards, badges, and points.

It is a great plugin that also gives you options to surveys, polls, SMS, Email Notifications and a lot of exciting features.

 key features include

  • Possibility to make any reaction logic based on visitor behavior
  • Scoring and Tagging of site visitors
  • Web Event Tracking of site visitors
  • Drip marketing
  • Any loyalty programs (increase engagement, drive repeat purchases, retain loyal customers)
  • Gamification marketing strategies (awards, points, badges)
  • ROI-reports for Email/SMS/Popups/Banners strategy optimization

And, a lot more.


10. DeepMarkit : Gamification Plugins For WordPress


DeepMarkit is a very useful customer acquisition tool which allows you to increase traffic on your website. This plugin will help you in creating a completely interactive online marketing website where you can catch your users attention by activating daily, weekly and monthly campaigns.

You can also give prizes and incentives when your users complete an action. With the help of this tool, also collect your user’s data and insights.

Key features include


11. WP Optin Wheel

woocommerce gamification

Winning a coupon creates excitement among customers. And that’s what WP Optin Wheel does!

You can easily grow your email list or sales by offering your visitors a chance to win a coupon with this gamification plugin through spinning the wheel.

It is GDPR ready and multilingual WordPress Plugin and you’ll find various predefined themes that you can use to engage your users. It provides you with the ability to log wins/losses in a separate log file.


12. KingSumo Giveaways for WordPress

Gamify wordpress


KingSumo is another best way to gamify your WordPress site. Within a few minutes, you can set it up on your site and promote it to your site visitors. Visitors will love to share contests and in this way, your email subscribers will get increased. It is a cost-effective way to encourage your visitors to share your giveaways. It’s up to you what you want to giveaway. It could be an eBook, a Camera or even a retreat at your meditation center. Even you can schedule your giveaways and run it daily, weekly, or even monthly. Pricing starts from $198 for a lifetime.


Final Thoughts on Gamification Plugins For WordPress

Gamification is extremely easy to use and implement on your WordPress site with these simple to use plugins. These plugins are not just limited to adding gamification to your website but also provide some ultimate features to increase your user-engagement as well as bring more traffic to your site. So just download one of Gamification Plugins For WordPress, and convert your site into an engaging and compelling gamification website.

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