WooCommerce Review

When it comes to creating an eCommerce store of your own with WordPress then WooCommerce definitely deserves a spot.
Around 42% of all the WordPress online stores run on famous WooCommerce. (Source: Builtwith.com)
This is because of the major reason that this plugin provides an ease of use and can convert your website into a complete online store with extremely amazing features. This plugin is highly customizable, functional and can easily be extended as per your needs. It provides some paid extensions that can add more functionality to your eCommerce store.

In this review of Woo, we will do a comprehensive study of the plugin and all of its features. So let’s get started with the WooCommerce Review:

The Most Popular Ecommerce Plugin- WooCommerce Review

Cost Structure

The core plugin of WooCommerce is completely free and you can easily download it from the WordPress repo. The free plugin offers a pack of features that will help you to create a small eCommerce store of your own.  You can easily download it and use it on your website and play around it. However, if you wish to increase the functionality of your store and want to add some more features, you will be required to purchase the premium extensions that the plugin offers.

For example, if you wish to add a subscription system to your store, then you will be required to purchase an extension called WooCommerce Subscriptions for that feature. Another necessary requirement is a WC compatible theme. The theme you are using must be WooCommerce compatible and must work with ease with the plugin. You can purchase a compatible theme from WooThemes which range from free to $100. You can also purchase one such theme from ThemeForest. These themes though do not guarantee complete compatibility.

WooCommerce also offers some great premium extensions to help you enhance your eCommerce experience. You can buy these extensions from the WooCommerce store itself as you can get maximum compatibility and direct support from the people who created the plugin.
Third party add-ons are also offered by code canyon and individual developers that let you enhance your site functionality.

Installation/ Usefulness

WooCommerce is a very useful plugin and is easy to install as well. You can download this plugin from WordPress.org and then install it from your dashboard. Once installed and activated, this plugin provides some setup settings. Its various user settings include:

WooCommerce Review
WooCommerce Review
  1. Page Setup: This setting lets you create 4 major pages such as Shop Page, Cart Page, Checkout Page, and My Account Page. All you need to do at this stage of the WooCommerce wizard is click the “Continue” button. WooCommerce will set up those pages for you.
  2. Store Locale: You need to set up your locationcurrency format, and units of measure for your store.
  3. Shipping and Tax: In this field, you will be required to fill in the details for shipping and tax.
  4. Payments: Payment option step will let you choose what type of payment you want to choose from your customers. On the other hand, it should be safe from your customers point of view.


WooCommerce Review
WooCommerce Review

Adding product to your store is also not a difficult task. You can easily add as well as update them. The new products are just added as custom post types. You can simply add a title, description, images and the type of product among the different product types from simple, downloadable, configurable/variable, affiliate, virtual, and grouped products. As you will publish the product it will appear as an individual page with its description. There are various settings available that can help you add and manage your products such as:

  1. General. This is where you get to set the pricing and taxes.
  2. Inventory. WooCommerce allows you to manage stock levels.
  3. Shipping. Set the weight, dimensions, and the cost of shipping.
  4. Linked Products. Great for setting things like upsells and cross-sales.
  5. Attributes. Set custom product attributes here. E.g., if you’re selling shirts, you can set alternative colors here if you are opting for Variable Product.
  6. Advanced. Additional settings.

The final product somewhat looks like this.

WooCommerce Review
WooCommerce Review

Shipping and Payment Options

WooCommerce Review
WooCommerce Review

WooCommerce provides some really good shipping options. If you wish to add more options, you can purchase their premium extensions. This plugin also offers stock shipping options such as Flat rate and free shipping options. WooCommerce also provides offers several stock shipping options. Also, options such as International flat rate shipping, local pickup, local delivery are given as well.

If you want to sell more than a few items a day, you will need a payment gateway to do so. There are many payment gateways that Woo offers. It has a complete list of extensions that it supports. WooCommerce also accepts Bank Payments, PayPal Standard, Checks, Cash on delivery. There are around 88 payment integrations for WooCommerce such a Stripe, Braintree, Authorize.net and more.

Reports Management

WooCommerce Review
WooCommerce Review

WooCommerce has great options for reports and inventory management. Its reporting area is one of the best features. It offers a complete and easy to read sales graphs, and detailed reports according to month, week and even days. You can easily track orders, customers, stock and taxes using different categories.

Experience As A Customer

WooCommerce Review
WooCommerce Review

WooCommerce makes sure that it provides the best customer options. One such amazing option is a one-page checkout process that means you customer gets all the options on one page which makes his navigation much easier. Product browsing experience is also smooth and simple. It doesn’t leave any trace for making a customer disappointed and leave your site immediately. Apart from basic information, a stock “Additional Information” product tab can also be showed with weight, dimensions, and attributes.
Call to action i.e Add to Cart buttons are displayed prominently making it easier for a customer to add a product to their cart which then immediately takes them to the checkout page making it a simple purchase.


WooCommerce has a great support system. The documentation it provides is a detailed one and practically answers all the questions. They provide high-quality support for their products. The commitment to support is great but due to a high amount of users using the plugin and themes, it lags a bit. On a positive note, you can definitely trust them when it comes to solving any support question.

Final Review

WooCommerce is a great platform and an all-around plugin to help you create an amazing eCommerce store of your own. The best part about this plugin is it is updated frequently.
It has great and flexible options in order to help you add variable product. With its detailed report and inventory management, vendors, as well as shop as well as shop admin can check the orders in detail. Thus this plugin is a famous one among all the WordPress users. Not much of cons as they are improving on a large scale.  Hope this WooCommerce review was helpful to you. Let us know how you felt about it in the comment section below.

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