The holiday season is around the corner. Time to wrap gifts, bake cookies and view reruns of your preferred TV shows cuddled up on the sofa.

Nevertheless, this season can offer you awesome business gains and may be the ideal time to garner revenue. You should forever be prepared to provide the finest experience to the customers. Accordingly, it is the finest time to engage the fans from your WordPress portal. So, just grasp the chance that can take your business to new heights.

You require to know that when your website is not prepared and optimized for holiday sessions, then certainly you can miss plenty of traffic. And no other platform exists besides WordPress that can be personalized easily as per your needs. Moreover, it has the capacity to brace up your WordPress website for the holiday season.

If you are unsure regarding how to offer holiday cheer to your WordPress website, then you are at the correct page. We are here to present you with a gift of greater sales and grow the traffic to prepare your site for the holiday season.

Give Holiday Cheer To Your WordPress Website With 5 Essential Tips:

  1. Know Your Audience
  2. Thematic Enhancement
  3. Include A Countdown
  4. Give Your Home Page A Touch Of Holidays
  5. Design Festive Content

# 1 Know Your Audience

Know Your Audience

The audience comprises the primary target, which we all know. However, you may not understand them and hence be able to engage them. So, it is important to understand the audience prior to the starting of the holiday peak. Definitely, to obtain more during the holiday season, you must capture your customers as well as the target market.

The finest means is to know – how they use their day. If you will recognize their preferences, habits, likes, and dislikes, then you make them hold to your WordPress website.

# 2 Thematic Enhancement

Our concern here does not lie in developing a new website, but to improve the available one for the holidays. Never perform this when the holidays are coming. Rather, go on with what you possess and make that tick for you.

The following are some of the finest methods to optimize the website.

Build A Holiday-Themed Design

It constitutes the finest method for you to adopt. By sticking to this attractive way, you can draw a greater audience to your WordPress site. Besides, it offers them the cause to purchase from you. By authenticating that your website is designed for a holiday, they will receive the notion that you are mulling over it sincerely. This will add extreme value to their money.

Add Holiday-Themed Deals

It is clear that whatever you will do should conform to the clients’ or audience’s needs. And, must be worth their money and time. Act smart. Doling out deals to them that they can receive from elsewhere will not bring success.

It is more beneficial to display your strengths and make them believe how much you merit your business. For example, when your counterparts are vending branded clothes, think further and offer personalized clothes to your customers.

Moreover, you can load them with rebates and a few goodies to inspire them to buy from you. And, you can construct an enticing exit-intent pop-up to decrease the abandoned audience. Therefore, what is keeping you waiting? Utilize this approach and hike your conversions in this holiday season.

# 3 Include A Countdown

countdown for holiday cheer

The finest FOMO method till now comprises the clock. It convinces the users about their tasks getting completed within the correct time frame. Therefore, here it is paying to insert the countdown to your webpage.

You can check out the countdown widget plugin. It displays the number of days remaining before the offer shuts down. Else, you can incorporate the regular clock countdown that handles all your requirements also. It displays how much time is remaining until the final second.

# 4 Give Your Home Page A Touch Of Holidays

If you will employ the standard homepage then it will not entice the audience. Spruce it up by decorating for the holidays and attract the shoppers. Shine it and include the holiday’s fervor by including some festive colors, holiday cheer, and fonts.
Some associated images can be combined to let shoppers know you possess the finest holiday deals. Utilize Call to Action (CTA) and stress more on holiday deals and products. Remove all the useless links that can divert the audience from your promotions. Combine the holiday fun to your WordPress portal and increase sales.

# 5 Design Festive Content

Festive Content of holiday cheer

With the festival aura that you will impart to a website, it is also important to offer some useful message. That supplements the festive content of your WordPress portal.

Compose Festive Blogs

Certainly, visitors wish to know more concerning you. And, exchanging the holiday stories will surely work in your favor. If you are frequent in this writing blog, then your task will be simpler.

You understand that the blog entirely concerns your views and experiences. It is recommended to incorporate just productive blogs; filthy articles are not going to be read by visitors.

Present Gifts

Various online stores depend mainly on the holiday season to earn cash, with online stores being no exception. The finest deal adopted by these stores includes the offering of free gifts or rebates to their customers. For example, you can get turned on by free gift wrapping, free shipping, and different goodies. The finest deal lies in increasing your business.

Pen A Festive Content On Twitter

Social media performs a crucial part in our lives. Use it and add spark to your holiday spirit. You can elect to operate a contest on your preferred social media platform. And the best time is the holiday season. You can include the images of your visitors who bought from you on your blogs. A major role is also played by the reviews. They acquire trust and compel the visitors to purchase from you.

Finally, there is an entire assortment of plugins at the disposal of WordPress users to fetch a few holiday vibes to your portals.

Timed Content

This plugin includes the capacity to display specific content just for a specified time. It’s ideal for some configure-it-and-ignore-it Christmas greetings upon your site.

Tribulant Snow Storm

Dream falling snowflakes in front of your WordPress website? Then this plugin is the perfect option for you. It’s entirely customizable from the snow color to its quantity and whether it should gather below the screen. Alternatives include Big Snow Flakes and WP Snow Effect.

Christmas Ball On Branch

Show a holly branch having a decorative Christmas ball at the above right corner of your site. Definitely, it’s slightly flashy but that’s included in the holiday, isn’t it?

Christmas Lights – A likewise plugin as the Christmas ball alternative, however, having a chain of lights. Simply set up, activate and it will display above your website.

Christmas Music – This plugin offers you the choice to make your site play jingle bells to site visitors. It contains a play/pause button below for those not ready for the holiday mood yet.

As obvious, there are a lot of alternatives to smarten up your site.


If you wish to attain success in the short period, then spruce up your site for the holiday season. The points discussed above display that various ways are available to hike your business worth. Bearing these points in mind will help you to sail smoothly this holidays season.

Attune, present the finest experience to your visitors and watch your engagement metric rise. By ensuring that your web presence is wholly safe, you can enjoy your quality moments with friends and family.

Keep on experimenting with other inventive ideas that you might possess. So, during this holiday roll the ball and improve participation, joy, and conversion.

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