woocommerce product image gallery plugins

Shoppers should be able to see all of the products available in great detail on an eCommerce website. The image plays a big role in the choice to buy some things. Product photos can be displayed in a variety of ways using WooCommerce. However, there are plugins available to help you improve the image display for your consumers.

These woo commerce product image gallery plugins let you do the following things:

  • Add zoom-on-hover to product photos.
  • Enable a lightbox with full-screen mode.
  • Provide separate photos for each version.
  • You may upload an unlimited number of thumbnail images.
  • Modify the product image gallery arrangement.

Some of the greatest image zoom plugins for WooCommerce are listed here:

Buddy X

Woocommerce product image gallery plugins

1. Product Image Zoom Plugin for WooCommerce

Plugins- woocommerce product image gallery plugin
woocommerce product image gallery plugin

Use this plugin to show customers all the features. Lightbox and 360-degree rotation are provided. With these features, customers can examine your product before buying. Pay greater attention to product visual aspects to attract more customers. Your conversion rate will benefit.

When first installed, the plugin’s picture-enhancing functions are enabled. Certain products or categories can be exempt. Choose from numerous magnifier types and animations. 360-degree pictures are required to spin the merchandise in all directions. Single-site subscription is $49 per year.

2. YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier

YITH WooCommerce Product Gallery & Image Zoom
woocommerce product image gallery plugin

Customers can see even the tiniest details of your goods when using this popular WooCommerce picture zoom plugins feature. Detailed information about products can be better conveyed to clients through magnified photographs than through the use of standard images alone.

You may boost sales and reduce returns by educating customers about the intricacies of your items. A further benefit of this plugin is that it allows users to view products from various angles, giving them new views.

The plugin allows you to place the zoom box where you want it on your store’s layout. This feature can be disabled for specific goods or categories at your discretion. You can also display a slide show of thumbnails for images using this plugin. The image slider can also be customized to show only the components you want to see.

The plugin is compatible with WPML and several other popular YITH plugins, making it an excellent choice for multilingual websites. It costs $59.99 for a single-site subscription to use this product.

3. WP Image Zoom Pro

WP Image Zoom Pro-woocommerce product image gallery plugin

One of the most popular WooCommerce picture zoom plugins, with a wide range of customizable options. Your customers will appreciate the little details you can show them with this responsive option. You may easily adjust the zoom window’s position with the mouse wheel zoom option.

The plugin works well with WooCommerce variations and is very adaptable when clients switch between different WooCommerce versions. If you have a portfolio page, you can use this plugin to magnify all the images. Customers will enjoy a better user experience thanks to the plugin’s compatibility with various popular WordPress solutions.

In addition, if you run into any issues with the theme they’re employing, the support staff will get right on it for you. The personal plan with automatic updates and solid support will cost you $78.90.

4. WooCommerce Zoomifier- Woocommerce product image gallery plugin

woocommerce product image gallery plugins

You may use this plugin to display photographs on your WooCommerce store with a zoom option, a lightbox, and a configurable slider. With this plugin, you’ll be able to help your consumers better comprehend your items, and they’ll also be more confident in their purchase selections. There are no limitations on the plugin’s functionality on mobile devices. Additionally, it allows for the creation of custom products and translations.

Furthermore, the plugin provides a seamless magnifying experience with various additional options. It supports several cursor types and zoom types, along with several options to alter the position and size of the zoom container.

The lightbox and slider can also be customized to your website’s general design style. Using this plugin will make your site more user-friendly and professional-looking, making it more appealing to customers.

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5. WooCommerce Product Zoom Slider

WooCommerce Product Zoom Slider

Click to zoom and hover to zoom are the two methods this plugin offers for enlarging product photos on your store. Asynchronous progressive picture loading ensures the best user experience on your site. To get the most out of the plugin, you can use the click-to-zoom feature, which many prominent online retailers use. If you observe that your customers prefer the hover-to-zoom option, you can select it.

The plugin enables both vertical and horizontal scrolling for image galleries so that you may customize it to your liking. In addition, the plugin’s most recent upgrades include a feature that allows you to change the thumbnail picture size directly from your WordPress admin. The plugin is really simple to set up and use, and even a novice user of WordPress can get the hang of it.

It is optimized for mobile devices and compatible with the most popular WordPress themes. As a result, you can rest assured that any difficulties you may have will be resolved swiftly and that your input will be considered when developing new features. For a normal license of this plugin, you’ll need to pay USD 159.

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6. Mega Zoom and Pan Image Viewer Plugin for the WP Image Viewer

WP Image Viewer
woocommerce product image gallery plugin

A high-resolution image is vital for displaying product information in various eCommerce stores. It is common knowledge that businesses such as car lots and clothing boutiques want to present their merchandise in the best possible light. You have a wide range of options to choose from when showcasing your merchandise.

With this plugin, you can get things like zoom, a scroll bar, and markers, to name a few. In addition to responsive and lightbox, the plugin’s display options include fullscreen.

A customizable control bar allows you to rearrange the buttons in any way. These buttons can also be rearranged or removed from the screen. Another intriguing feature is the possibility of rotating the image to see it clearly from all angles. The plugin is easy to set up and customize, and you have a wide range of zooming choices at your fingertips. Detailed documentation is available to help you get the most out of this plugin’s features and functions. The regular license costs $49 to purchase.

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Conclusion- Woocommerce product image gallery plugin

WooCommerce-powered online stores are popping up all over the place these days. It’s hard for you to compete with other internet retailers. As a result, you’ll require a helpful tool to attract more potential customers. Product photos that are clear and visually appealing might help you achieve this goal. There are several good WooCommerce Image Plugins out there to help you with this, and that’s why you need one.

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